Applicable Industry of Drop hammer impact test machine

HZ-1703A Drop hammer impact test machine

Applicable Industry
Metallurgy and iron and steel; machinery manufacturing; research laboratories; other sectors.

Equipment Overview
Drop hammer impact test instrument (such as: water supply, drainage, low pressure pipes, foam core layer pipe, polypropylene (PP) pipes, communication pipes with plastic pipes, etc.) of high impact toughness, but also applicable in the rigid plastic sheet, impact test conducted to assess the material properties of the anti external shocks. Machine control system adopts numerical control technology, can impact the number to purchase and display a high degree, to automatically zero or hammer, drop hammer, impact and can effectively prevent secondary impacts. High reliability, the height of the ruler display, intuitive and accurate.

Principle of test

The electromagnet raises the specified weight of the falling hammer to a certain height. Instantaneous power failure. The falling hammer freely falls and impacts on the surface of the object to be tested. The process is rapid. There is an anti-secondary impact mechanism to make the test result more accurate