Features and Applications of 50kg dynamic balance machine

50kg Single-sided Vertical Ring Belt Dynamic Balancing Machine

50kg Single-sided Vertical Ring Belt Dynamic Balancing Machine is applied to the balance inspection and correction of various disc workpieces, such as brake disc, clutch, brake drum, water pump impeller, flywheel, gear, pulley, flange, fan impeller, saw blade, cutter, grinding wheel, traction wheel, lathe chuck and so on.


50kg dynamic balance machine adopts advanced electrical measurement system, with diversified measurement methods, dynamic and static balance, up to 10 support modes, and can be flexibly customized for weight addition and removal, forward and reverse rotation. High measurement accuracy, multiple calibration coefficient combination, automatic adjustment of system sensitivity, no jump in gear shift, dual filtering of software and hardware, high-speed data compression, more stable, accurate and faster measurement

Application scope:
The ring belt balancing machine is widely used in the balance correction of rotating workpieces such as rotors, impellers, crankshafts, rollers and shafts of all kinds of small and medium-sized motors. The ring belt drive ensures the balance quality and accuracy of the workpiece, and has the characteristics of convenient loading and unloading, fast start-up and high work efficiency.