Have you ever know about the Shoes Fatigue Test Machine?

Summer is a season of heavy rain, high winds and other bad weather at the same time
There are water on roads always and very slippery.
People to travel really have a lot of trouble!

An accidentally became such ↓↓↓

Poor slip-stop performance of shoes can cause slipping and even falling. Especially for the elderly and children these two special groups, slip and fall easily to their muscle, bone or joint damage !!!
So what kind of soles are non-skid? What is the non-slip test method for shoes?

Relevant standards for anti-skid testing
HG/T 3780-2005 "Static anti-skid performance of footwear"
GB/T 39903.6-2017 "Footwear whole shoe test method slip-proof performance"
BS EN13287, SATRA TM144 "Footwear non-slip Test"
ASTM F609 HPS "Horizontal Tension Test method"

Experimental procedures for testing
Today to show you, SATRA TM144 "footwear non-slip test" test method. In this method, a predetermined vertical force is applied to the test soles through the anti-skid testing machine, so that the test soles and the floor interface are closely connected. After static contact for a short time, the anti-skid testing machine drives the floor interface, so that the test soles and the floor interface move at a certain speed. The maximum force required by the anti-skid tester to move the floor interface horizontally divided by a predetermined vertical force applied by the anti-skid tester to the test sole is the coefficient of friction of the test sole on the floor interface, known as the anti-skid coefficient.

Lixian Brand Shoes Fatigue Test Machine for sale

Equipment Summary:

The Shoes Fatigue Test Machine is mainly used to test the property of finished shoes and sole resist to bending, observe the damage to shoes and soles after a certain times of bending at a constant angle, or check the location of cracking for improving shoes quality. 


Corresponding Standard: SATRA-TM92 

Technical Parameters:




100± 5cpm

Bending angle

0 degree to 90 degree


6 digital



Number of shoe

4 pcs