New Full Automatic Double-Sided Vertical Hard Bearing Balancing Machine

Double-Sided Vertical Hard Bearing Balancing Machine is a kind of vertical structure hard bearing balancing machine with a wide range of uses, which is designed and manufactured by our factory by introducing foreign advanced technology. It is widely used in water pump impellers, brake discs, saw blades, fans, etc. Balance effect of pulleys, hubs and tires


It not only has the characteristics of large measurement range, high efficiency, safe and simple operation, and intuitive display, but also occupies a leading position in the domestic balancing machine industry.Standard
Power supply and external dimensions
1. Power supply: 380V, 2.2KW
2. Dimensions: Electric cabinet: 0.6 meters long, 0.6 meters wide, 1.75 meters high Machine: Length 0.8m × Width 0.6m × Height 1m
3. Serial port: There is a 232 serial port, which cannot output reports, and there is a database
4. Calibration frequency: The manufacturer will arrange calibration before leaving the factory. It is recommended to calibrate once a year in the later stage. Usually, the customer can calibrate it by himself, weigh it with a balance weight, and put it on the machine, and the display is as much as it is.
5. Air inlet trachea diameter: 6mm in diameter

Quality standard:

1. Supplier product manufacturing standard GB/T4201-2006.
2. The supplier's product manufacturing requirements are also in accordance with the technical agreement signed by both parties. Warranty period: The "Three Guarantees" period of the supplier's products is one year, with lifetime maintenance.