UTM Grips

What materials are suitable for various UTM Grips?
The tensile testing machine
can test different sample materials because it can be equipped with different fixtures. The fixture of the tensile testing machine can test various force values of the sample through the force on the sample, such as tensile, extension, compression, shear, tear, peeling and other mechanical properties, such as rubber, plastic, film, fabric, metal, wire rod and other industries. By connecting the computer, the maximum force value, yield force value, breaking force value, maximum deformation and yield elongation of the material can be automatically detected.

Universal clamp rotating clamp: rotate both ends of the clamp and twist the upper and lower ends of the universal clamp so that the jaws can clamp both ends of the sample and be vertical. It is generally used for tensile test of hard products, such as metal, which is generally sheet material.

180 degree and 90 degree peel test fixture: suitable for various peel tests of tape, self-adhesive and film

Single eccentric clamp: compared with screw clamp, eccentric clamp has small clamping stroke, small clamping force and poor self-locking ability, but it is clamped quickly and has compact structure. Therefore, it is often used in combination with other clamping elements in occasions with small cutting force and small vibration

Aluminum fine tooth fixture: used to measure tensile strength. This fixture is generally used for tensile test with small force.

Iron fine tooth fixture: used to measure tensile strength, generally used for high strength. For example, above 100kg and below 500kg

Three point bending fixture: used for the three-point bending test of products, and cooperate with the tensile and pressure testing machine to test the mechanical properties such as three-point bending and bending. Test all kinds of metal and plastic products

Universal clamp: This is a suitable clamp for simple samples

Thin wire clamp: a clamp suitable for holding thin wires, but the clamping force has an upper limit

Compression plate clamp: suitable for plastic bottles

Bottle cap opening force clamp: test the opening force of bottle cap properly

Webbing clamp: a clamp specially set for the webbing industry

Shear clamp: the upper clamp and the lower clamp are respectively composed of a connector and a splint, and the connector is a rectangular cylindrical structure

Puncture fixture: a fixture used for puncture test