What are the tips for installing fixtures for tensile testing machines

What are the tips for installing fixtures for tensile testing machines
In most cases, when the tensile testing machine leaves the factory, the manufacturer will remove the fixture. The main purpose of this is to worry that during transportation, due to some external factors (such as turbulence and vibration), the specific impact of the clamping test machine will be caused, the shell damage and the theme of the tensile test machine, etc., not only affect the appearance, but also It may have a certain impact on the data of the testing machine.

      This is a small editor that explains these techniques for you:
      1. When installing the lower fixture body, first connect the lower joint and the lower fixture body, then insert the two into the guide rod, connect them through the fixing pin, and then tighten the lock nut and the connecting nut to eliminate the gap, the measurement of the tensile testing machine principle.
      2. When installing the upper clamp body, first connect the universal joint to the upper connecting seat, then connect the two to the upper beam, then connect the upper clamp body to the upper joint, then pass the fixing pin, and then tighten the lock nut.
      Now, I will tell you a labor-saving way to install the fixture. Put the upper clamp on the lower clamp, and then manually lift the middle beam to assemble the upper clamp and the universal joint. At this time, please move the middle beam carefully. So as not to damage the parts of the testing machine.
      When the customer receives the tensile testing machine, he must install the clamp himself. How to install the fixture on the tensile testing machine to save effort? In fact, the specific installation of the fixture is not complicated, as long as you master some small skills, you can easily obtain it.
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