What factors affect the measurement accuracy of the tensile machine

What factors affect the measurement accuracy of the tensile machine?
The universal material testing machine is also called the tensile machine, and its accuracy is very important. It affects whether the results obtained when we test are accurate and correct, but there are some factors that affect the testing accuracy of the tensile machine. www.lyxyantech.com

1. For the force sensor of the tensile machine, it is necessary to know that the accuracy and force measurement stability of a testing machine is determined by the quality of the sensor. The force value of the sensor used in the tensile machine on the market generally uses a spoke sensor For small force values, S-type sensors are generally used. The inside of the sensor is generally a resistance strain gauge type. If the accuracy of the strain gauge is not high or the anti-aging ability of the glue used to fix the strain gauge is not good, or the material of the sensor is not good, it will affect the sensor’s performance. Precision and service life. www.lyxyantech.com
2. The ball screw that drives the sensor movement, because if the screw has a gap, the future test data will directly respond to the maximum deformation and elongation after the test. At present, some screw rods of tensile machines on the market use T-shaped ordinary screw rods. In this case, firstly, the clearance is relatively large, and the second is that the friction force is relatively large and the service life is short. www.lyxyantech.com

3. The transmission system of the tensile machine. Some of the current tensile machine transmission systems on the market use reducers and some use ordinary belts. The main drawbacks of these two transmission methods: the former requires regular lubrication, while the latter cannot be guaranteed. The synchronization of the transmission affects the test results. www.lyxyantech.com
4. The power source (motor) of the tensile machine is also called a motor. At present, some tensile machines on the market use ordinary three-phase motors or variable frequency motors. This kind of motor adopts analog signal control, which has slow control response, inaccurate positioning, and general speed adjustment range. Narrow, if there is a high speed, there is no low speed or if there is a low speed, there is no high speed, and the speed control is not accurate.
5. The measurement and control system (that is, software and hardware) of the tensile machine of the universal testing machine. At present, most of the measurement and control systems of the tensile machine on the market adopt 8-bit single-chip control, which has a low sampling rate and poor anti-interference ability. The other is AD If the number of bits of the AD converter is low in resolution. Then the measurement will not be accurate. www.lyxyantech.com