Xenon lamp ultraviolet aging testing chamber

Sunlight travels through the air in the form of light waves whose energy is proportional to frequency and inversely proportional to wavelength. In the solar spectrum, short-wavelength ultraviolet light has strong energy, although it is only about 1% of the total solar radiation, but its impact on non-metallic materials is great. The UV aging test chamber uses fluorescent UV lamp as the light source. By simulating the ultraviolet radiation and condensation in natural sunlight, the accelerated weathering resistance test is carried out to obtain the results of the weathering resistance of the material.

Working principle of xenon lamp aging test chamber

Daylight can be divided into ultraviolet light, visible light, and infrared light because of its different wavelengths. Generally speaking, ultraviolet radiation has the greatest impact on objects, and coatings and plastic products that are directly exposed to ultraviolet light will age faster. Xenon lamp aging test chamber can simulate ultraviolet light environment and play a role in accelerating aging.

Generally speaking, the higher the temperature, the more active the molecules of the material exposed to high temperature, and at the same time with ultraviolet radiation to accelerate the effect of aging. In the case of a certain UV intensity, the higher the temperature, the more destructive the material. Therefore, the aging of materials is often accelerated by increasing the temperature of the xenon lamp aging test chamber during the test.