Spirit of Lixian

Respect for customer, Respect for employee, Respect for profession, 
Advocating teamwork, Advocating science, Advocating learning, Advocating sharing, Advocating responsibility, Advocating tolerance, Advocating trust, Advocating sincere, Advocating innovation, Advocating positive energy.


Provide the best testing equipment to help customers monitor, test and improve product quality.


Keep pace with the times
Scientific progress and development
Integrate into the Chinese dream

Business Philosophy

Dealing with customer
Making friends with customer
Creating more opportunities for continue cooperation
Creating better service experience

Corporate style

Team goal oriented, individual goal based, step by step to win
Thought guides action, innovation becomes a factor
High efficiency, high quality, better service into habit.

Mission of Lixian

Specialization and standardization make Lixian more and more closer with the world’s most advanced technologies.

Vision of Lixian

To help more than 1 million customers to control and improve the quality of their products.

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