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Lots of customers come to us because we are on the top of the list of Chinese testing equipment manufacturers. Why can we top the list of Chinese testing equipment manufacturers?

Professional quality & long history
The factory has been established for 19 years since 2000s, cooperated more than 60 countries with 8000 customers. From the design, raw material opening, cutting, bending, welding, to assembly, distribution, debugging, and then to export, after-sales, one-stop service.We choose high-quality materials, equipment life of more than 10 years. Great experience accumulated in such a long time period make us professionals in examining the quality of testing equipment.

Great variety with the most popular types
We are committed to different types of testing in different industries. We mainly do universal test machine, environmental test chamber manufacturers, rubber testing equipment and other laboratory equipment, which are customized according to testing standards and requirements.

Feasibility of operation modes
We have plenty of stock, available MOQ is simply 1 set if the ordered types are in stock,If you would like to place bulk orders with us or sometimes the stock is tight, we will provide you with the equipment within 30 working days at most.
Feasibility of operation modes makes us capable of producing both bulk orders in large orders by testing equipment. This also contributes to the factors which make us one of the best testing manufacturers. No matter you are wholesalers or personal users and no matter what are your order quantities, please come to us and we can design the most professional plans for you.

Exceptional services
Besides being a testing equipment manufacturer, we also offer exceptional services, such as piano paint, better appearance manufacturing for high-end consumers required.

All of these are the reasons why we can top the list of Chinese silk manufacturers.

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