1000 kn Universal Joint Transmission Dynamic Balancing Machine
1000 kn Universal Joint Transmission Dynamic Balancing Machine
1000 kn Universal Joint Transmission Dynamic Balancing Machine
1000 kn Universal Joint Transmission Dynamic Balancing Machine
1000 kn Universal Joint Transmission Dynamic Balancing Machine

1000 kn Universal Joint Transmission Dynamic Balancing Machine

1000 kn Universal Joint Transmission Dynamic Balancing Machine is widely used in motors, fans, papermaking, steel, automobiles , aviation and other industries.
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Product Description

1000 kn Universal Joint Transmission Dynamic Balancing Machine:Detect the unbalance of various rotating rotors, such as pulverizer rotors, industrial washing machine dryer rotors, turbine, rotors, guide wheels, etc. Special designed brackets can effectively transmit mechanical force;The durable and reliable sensor possesses high sensitivity; The permanent calibration brings high accuracy;Driven by universal coupling,transmit the power steadily


1.Applicable to rotors which can't be driven by belt or need large power
2.Advanced electrical measuring system and friendly man-machine interface
3.It's applicable for blower, large-sized motor, pump, centrifuge, rubber roller, drying cylinder, internal-combustion
engine etc

The balancing machine is a hard-supported balancing machine. The swing frame is very rigid. The measurement result of the dynamic balancing machine is used to correct the unbalance, so that the vibration generated when the rotor rotates or acts on the vibration on the bearing is reduced to the allowable range to achieve the purpose of reducing vibration, improving performance and improving product quality.
Model Number HZ-9702A
Diameter Scope of Driving Belt (mm) Φmax700  
Max Mass of Workpiece(kg) 1000 2000 
Max Diameter of Workpiece 1000mm~1500mm
Length of Bed (mm) 2000
Balance speed (r/min) Frequency conversion stepless speed regulation
Drive shaft torque(N.m) 120
Motor Power (kw) 1.5~3 (Inverter motor)
Min Achievable Residual Unbalance Amount (emar) emar≤0.5
Unbalance reduction rate (%) URR≥95%

Purpose:An unbalanced rotor generates a pressure on its supporting structure and the rotor itself during its rotation, and causes vibration. Therefore, the dynamic balance of the rotor is very necessary. The balancing machine is to check the dynamic balance of the rotor in the rotating state. The function of dynamic balance is:
1.Improve the quality of the rotor and its components
2.Reduce noise
3. Reduce vibration
4. Improve the trial life of supporting parts (bearings)
5. Reduce user discomfort
6. Reduce the power consumption of the product

It uses universal joints to connect the main shaft of the balancing machine with the rotor. The characteristic of coupling drag is that it is suitable for rotors with irregular appearance, can transmit larger torque, and is suitable for dragging rotors with large wind resistance such as fans. The disadvantage of coupling drag is that the unbalance of the coupling itself will affect The rotor has an impact (so the coupling must be balanced before use), and interference will also be introduced to affect the accuracy of the balance. In addition, a large number of connecting disks must be made to adapt to different types of rotors.

It is mainly a hard-bearing balancing machine that combines high-precision mechanical parts and advanced electrical
parts into one. This series of products is one of the universal universal joint drive balancing machines developed, designed and manufactured by our company based on the core technology at home and abroad.

It is currently an internationally advanced model,which is applied to various rotating workpieces, such as centrifuge rotors, fan rotors, centrifugal impellers, large water pump rotors, generator rotors, internal combustion engines, dryers, screen baskets, crushers, crushers, Train wheel sets, steam turbines, agricultural machinery and other industries.

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1)Measured value display is a combination of numbers and vector graphics, Vector graphics can quickly detect the amount degree of imbalance and angle orientation, Graphic scale values can be adjustable, Easy to set up various grades. 2)There are tips for all system parameter, including parameter definitions and setting range. Easy for users to quick start 3)Automatically determine whether the rotor is qualified. There are colored tips. 4)Flexible calibration mode. Process also has the guide's instructions.More professional calibration interface .easy to maintain. Calibration process arbitrary execution, it display original measurement data, up to 100 calibration stages.

1.Various Measuring Methods:dynamic balancing, static balancing or both, ten support modes.adding or reducing weight and CW or CCW rotating can be customized flexibly.
2. Complete compensation, flat key compensation, fixture compensation, up to 9 times of dislocation of fixtures. 3.Sensor disconnection alarm:Automatic diagnosis of sensor disconnection, Prompt evading of false balance.

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