100KN - 2000KN Hydraulic Tensile Test Machine HZ-003
100KN - 2000KN Hydraulic Tensile Test Machine HZ-003
100KN - 2000KN Hydraulic Tensile Test Machine HZ-003

100KN - 2000KN Hydraulic Tensile Test Machine HZ-003

The host of Hydraulic Tensile Test Machine HZ-003 adopt oil cylinder mounted under the host, mainly for metals, non-metallic tensile, compression and bending test. Used in metallurgy, construction, light industry, aviation, aerospace, materials, universities, research institutes and other fields.
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Transmission system:
Down beam go up and down by the use of motor reducer, chain drive mechanism, vice screw drive, to achieve tensile, compression of space to adjust. (Hydraulic Tensile Test Machine HZ-003)

Hydraulic System:
The hydraulic oil in the tank through motor drive high-pressure pump into the oil, flows through check, high pressure oil filters, differential pressure valve set, servo valves, into the oil cylinder.Computer control signals to the servo valve, the control and direction of the servo valve opening to control the flow into the cylinder to achieve constant test force, constant displacement control. Through the tubing, pressure tubing through and through oil return valve to tank.

Control system:
  Support for tensile, compression, shear, bending and other tests;
  Support open editing test, editorial standards and editorial procedures, and to support export import testing, standards and procedures;
  Support custom test parameters;
  Adopt an open statement in the form of EXCEL, to support user-defined report format;
  Print the query testing results flexibility, support for printing multiple samples, custom sorting print projects;
  Procedure supports hierarchical management levels (administrator, tester) user management rights;

Safety protection device:
 a) When the test force more than 3% of the maximum test force, the overload protection, oil pump motor shut down.
 b) When the piston rises to the upper limit position, stroke protection, pump motor shut down.

Whole set fixtures include: stretch fixture, compression fixture, bending fixture

Technical specifications:
Max load 2000KN
Test force measuring range 2%-100%FS (KN)
Test Force showed the relative error ≤indicating value±1%
Test Force Resolution 0.01kN
Displacement measurement resolution 0.01mm
Deformation measurement accuracy ±0.5%FS (mm)
Maximum tensile test space 1000mm
Max compression space 900mm
Diameter of round specimen clamp jaw Φ13-Φ40mm (can be customized)
Thickness of flat specimen clamping jaws 0-70mm (can be customized)
Maximum clamping width of the flat specimen 80mm (can be customized)
Maximum clamping width of the flat specimen 4 column
Shear specimen diameter 10mm
Upper and lower compression plate size Φ160mm (option 204×204)
Clamping method Automatic
The maximum distance between the fulcrum bending 450
Space stretching from the two pillars distance 850
Pump motor power 3KW
Beam moves up and down motor fixed rate 1.5KW

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