10N - 2000N Button Springback Tester HZ-1007F

Button Springback Tester HZ-1007F can be used for mobile phone, computer keyboard, electronic button springback test, but also for circuit board power on the resistance test, customized software for your products.

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1. Button Springback Tester Apply Taiwan Taida servo driving motor, by transmission mechanism driving the beam to do up and down movement to test loading process.
2. The whole controlling system with the function of high cost performance and reliable.
3. Button Springback Tester Apply the microcomputer to control the whole testing process, display loading value, displacement value, deformative value, testing speed and testing curve in time.
4. Button Springback Tester Apply microcomputer to do the data processing analysis, the result will automatically be saved, after the test finishes, can callout testing curve again, to do the curve comparison and enlarger curve by repeating testing process.
5. English version Windows testing software, with the function of data and graphic processing, can immediately print out the complete testing report and testing curve.
6. With the safety function of limit protection, overload protection, emergency stop.

Button Springback Tester Can be widely used in wire and cable, metals, electronics, packing and print, medical instrument, auto spare parts, fiber and leather, clothing and shoes, rubber product, university, scientific research lab, the inspection of arbitration, technical supervision department and so on. It is the basic equipment for quality management and physical property test.

Main Technical Parameter:

Model HZ-1007F
The max. load 50N, 100N, 200N, 500N, 1000N, 2000N
Grade of accuracy 1 degree/0.5 degree
Effective force testing range 0.2%100% / 0.4%100%
Force testing accuracy The value within±1% / The value within ±0.5%
Resolution of testing machine Max load1/200000, no grading, and no resolution change during the process
Load sensor Basic device: Pull, press sensor (the max load) one set
The extension configuration: can be equipped more sensors in addition.
Effective stretch space 400, 500mm (customized)
Effective testing width Testing vertical pillar sensor center distance is 60mm
Speed testing range 0.001500mm/min
The stroke accuracy The value within±0.5% / The value within ±0.2%
Safety device of testing bench Electronic limit protection
Lifting device of testing bench Fast/slow two speed, automatical control, can point to move
Return function of testing bench Manual or automatic control, after finishing test, return to the initial position with the highest speed  by automatic and manual control.
Overload protection Over 10% the max. load, the machine will automatically protect
Fixture One set of compression test fixture
Mechanical dimension 350×400×1000mm (L*W*H)
Motor Taiwan Delta
Power supply 220V, 50HZ
Power 0.4KW (According different force requirement, equipped with different motor)
Mechanical weight About 80kg

Full automatical control servo material testing machine software introduction:
A. Testing the functions of standard modularity: provide users with set testing standard, including GB,ASTM,DIN, JIS, BS and so on.
B. Sample information: Provide the users with all sample data, can permanent reuse only need one time input. Also can automatically amend formula to improve the testing data.
C. Completely open type report editor for users, the tester can choose preference report formula.
D. Apply dynamic exchange way between length, force unit and display precision, the force unit are T, kg, N, g, lb; the length unit are mm, cm, inch.
E.Graph scale can auto scale, display graphic with the best scale display. Also can be used to switch the testing current graphical dynamic.Can do the comparison for the load-displacement, the load-time, displacement-time, stress-strain load-2 point extension of figure, and multicurve.
F. Result can be output as data with excel formula.
G. When test finish, can automatically save and manual save, and also can automatically calculate the max force, up and down yield strength, loop method, step-by-step method, non-proportional the strength of extension, tensile strength, compressive strength, arbitrary point intensity of elongation, constant loading stretching, elasticity modulus, elongation, stripping range max value, mix value, average value, net force, total force, flexural modulus, breakpoint displacement load on x%, breakpoint load displacement x% and so on.
H. The software with the function of displaying according the historical testing data.

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