10N - 20KN Universal Compression Testing Machine HZ-1003A
10N - 20KN Universal Compression Testing Machine HZ-1003A

10N - 20KN Universal Compression Testing Machine HZ-1003A

Compression Testing Machine HZ-1003A is designed by mechanical-electrical integration, composition of the force-measuring sensor, transmitter, microprocessor, mechanism of load drive, computer and color inkjet printer. High-precision electronic motor can be set to five-speed, the components are connected by plug-way, Floor-standing models, it is taken account of modern industrial design and ergonomics in modeling and coating.
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1. Computer Servo Type Of Compression Testing Machine HZ-1003A

A. High-precision sensor 1ton from U.S.A.  Accurate Forces within ± 0.5%.
B. High-precision 24 bits A / D, sampling frequency 200Hz
C. Power System:  Panasonic AC Servo Motor + Driver + CAVEX + precision ball screw
D. Control System: it is more precise using Pulse Command control modem,  the range in speed control is 0.01 ~ 250 mm / min.the board of iron can be adjust to fast and slow by the control board. it is automatically saved after testing .
E. Data transmission: RS232 Transfer     
F. Display: windows XP test software.
G. Easy to control five speed and calibration system.
H. Test software can precision control in position, speed, rate of load force and rate of stress, satisfy the different requirements of test.
I. Test space: Testing width is about 400 mm (standard), moving space of active iron 1000mm (excluding fixtures)
J. Displacement: coder 2500 P / R, increase four-time accuracy. adopt Japanese Lejing coder that has strong anti-jamming capability, displacement resolution 0.001mm.
Small deformation: Metal extensometers, parsing 0.001mm.
K. Safe equipment : the system would shut down if overload or over-trip

2. The accessories about Compression Testing Machine HZ-1003A
A. warranted book within one-year and operating instructions.
B. a group of fixture
C. testing software for tensile machine.
D. a set of brand computer, color printer

3. Relative standard of Compression Testing Machine HZ-1003A
GB/T 1040, GB/T 528, GB/T 529, GB/T 8808, GB/T 13022, GB/T 2790, GB/T 3923, GB/T 20310, GB/T 3690, GB/T 4944, GB/T 3686, GB/T 10654, ASTM D882, ASTM D638, ISO 527, ASTM D412, ASTM D3574, ASTM E8, ASTM D412

4. Main Technical parameters about Compression Testing Machine HZ-1003A:
Model HZ-1003A
Max load 5KN, 10kN, 20kN, (option)
Accurate grade 1 % /0.5 %
Effective measuring range 0.2%~100%(1grade)/0.4%~100%(0.5 grade)
Measuring accuracy Display the value ±1%/Display the value±0.5%
Tester resolution Max load 1/200000
Load sensor Basic configuration: sensor(max load): one
Extended configuration: can add more sensors
Effective testing width 390mm (or customize)
Effective Tensile stroke 800mm;
Accuracy of displacement measurement Tolerance: ±0.5%/ tolerance: ±0.2%
Accuracy of measured deformation Tolerance: ±0.5 (according to requirement of customer
to choose the larger or small deformation)
Safety Electronic-limit protection
Testing platform moving device Fast /slow two speeds to control, can jog
Overload protection Overload 10, automatic protection
Fixture A set of compression fixture
Machine size 80x55x220cm (length*width*height)
Power system Panasonic AC Servo Motor + Driver + high-precision ball screw
Power supply 220V, 50HZ
Power 0.4KW (depends on the force)
Machine weight about 250 Kg
Units Kg, N, LB, TON can be exchanged.



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