ASTM D4831 Test Standard Manual Tensile Tester Tensile Strength Testing Machine HZ-1005A
ASTM D4831 Test Standard Manual Tensile Tester Tensile Strength Testing Machine HZ-1005A

ASTM D4831 Test Standard Manual Tensile Tester Tensile Strength Testing Machine HZ-1005A

Tensile Strength Testing Machine HZ-1005A is a new material testing machine that combined with the electronic technology and mechanical transmission, it has accurate load speed, range of force measurement, Has high accuracy and sensitivity for the load, displacement measurement and control.
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Equipment summary:
Tensile Strength Testing Machine HZ-1005A is simple to operate, simple structure, it can be directly placed on the testing table for test, especially suitable for controlling quality in production line This series of machine is mainly applied to test the non-metallic and metallic materials which the load is less than 5KN.

Main functions:
Tensile Strength Testing Machine HZ-1005A can be test all the material in tensile, compression, bending, shear, peel, tear, two-point extended (need add extensometer) and others for control products quality. Such as textile, rubber, plastics, synthetic leather, tape, adhesive, plastic film, composite materials, electronics, metals and other materials.

Corresponding standard:
CNS 11888, JIS K6854, PSTC-7, ISO 37, AS 1180.2, BS EN 1979, BS EN ISO 1421, BS EN ISO 1798, BS EN ISO 9163, DIN EN ISO 1798, GOST 18299, DIN 53357, ISO 2285, ISO 34-1, ISO 34-2, BS 903, BS 5131, DIN EN 12803, DIN EN 12995, DIN53507-A, DIN53339, ASTM D3574, ASTM D6644, ASTM D5035, ASTM D2061, ASTM D1445, ASTM D2290, ASTM D412, ASTM D3759/D3759M.

Technical parameters:
 Model  HZ-1005A Tensile Strength Testing Machine
 Capacity  1KN, 2KN, 5KN option
 Accuracy of load measurement   the load cell + HZ-2000 screen ± 0.5% (full range of 5% -100%)
 Units  Kg, Lb, N, Ton (can be exchanged)
 Resolution  1 / 50000
 Displacement resolution  0.001mm
 Power system  AC motor, deceleration device (Italy brand)
 Control system  testing speed 50~300 mm/min with step less speed and 5 fixed-  speed (50, 100, 200, 250, 300) or the needs of customer
 Data sampling frequency  200 times/sec
 Effective testing width  120cm (can be customized)
 Safety devices  overload, emergency stop devices, limited devices of displacement, leak current protection device 
 Power  400W (depending on different demand of force using different motor)
 Machine size  45×55×140cm (length * width * height)
 Weight  About 150KG 
 Power supply  AC 220V single-phase

Machine has function of printing.
Can store 10 testing results and auto-calculate its average, auto-grab maximum force and the force at break.
Display: HZ-2000 dark blue LCD display, membrane touch keys, with the following functions.
①. Single test, 10-point statistics manually and automatically calculate its average and break values;
②. Multi-unit automatically exchange such as kg, Lb, N;
③. Function of free to take point;
④. With multi-calibration function;
⑤. Auto printing function;
⑥. Using 24-bit AD acquisition, resolution 1 / 200000;
⑦. Decimal digits 0 to 4 arbitrary choice;
⑧. Starting up using password protection feature, which can effectively prevent the non-operators to use
⑨. Ratio of Breakpoint from 0 ~ 99%, which the user can set according to different materials to stop the machine
⑩. Overload protection function can be set, effectively preventing machine from overload;

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