High Temperature Chamber HZ-2015
High Temperature Chamber HZ-2015
High Temperature Chamber HZ-2015

High Temperature Chamber HZ-2015

The system of High Temperature Chamber is mainly composed of a box body, heating equipment, air circulation system and control system. 
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Main Function

High Temperature Chamber is mainly used for the products in accordance with the requirements of the national standard or custom requirements under high temperature conditions, environmental simulation test of physical products and other relevant characteristics test, through testing, to determine the performance of the product, is still able to meet the preset requirement for product design, improvement, identification and inspection.

Main Features
  • The use of multi wing fan, strong air circulation, to avoid any dead angle, so that the temperature distribution in the test area evenly.
  • The wind road cycle air return design, wind pressure, wind speed meets the test standard, and can make the door instantaneous temperature stabilization time.
  • Heating system is completely independent, which improve efficiency, reduce test cost, increase life expectancy and reduce failure rate.
  • The temperature control adopts all import touch button type instrument, the operation is easy to set.
  • Controller has the locking function, and avoids the human touch to change the temperature value.
  • With the function of P.I.D automatic calculation, the temperature variation condition can be corrected immediately, and the temperature control is more accurate and stable.
Satisfaction standard:
1. GB 10592-89 Technical specification for high and low temperature test chamber
2. GB 11158-89 Technical specification for high temperature test chamber
3. GB/T5170.2-1996 Test methods for basic parameters of environmental testing equipment for electrical and electronic products
4. GB2423.2-89 Basic test procedure for electrical and electronic products -- Test B: -- high temperature test method

5. GB2424.1-89 Basic environmental test procedures for electrical and electronic products 

Technical parameter:
 Model  HZ-2015-80L  HZ-2015-100L  HZ-2015-150L
 Inner chamber size (D×W×H)  40*50*40 cm  40*50*50 cm  50*60*50 cm
 Temperature range  Normal temperature150°C (or customized)
 Fluctuation / uniformity  ≤±0.5°C/.+2°C-3°C
 Control system   Heating system  Fully independent system, nickel chromium alloy electric heater
 Cyclic system  Low temperature and low noise air conditioning motor. Multi blade centrifugal wind wheel
 Materials used  External material   High quality carbon steel plate. Phosphating, electrostatic spray treatment,
 SUS304 stainless steel noodles, lines, hair processing (optional)
 Internal material  SUS304 Stainless steel mirror plate
 Door insulation  Double layer high and low temperature resistant silicone rubber door seal strip
 Standard layout  Multi layer heating contact with 1 sets of lighting glass window, test rack 2,
 test lead hole (25, 50mm) 1piece
 Security guard  Leakage, short circuit, over temperature, motor overheating, overload, over-current protection
 Timing function  0.1999.9 (S, M, H) adjustable
 Supply power  AC380V±10% 50±0.5Hz, Three-phase Five-wire
 Operation environment
 temperature request
 5°C~+30°C ≤85%R.H
 1. The above data are measured at ambient temperature (QT) 25 OC. The chamber has no load
 2. Can be customized according to the specific requirements of users of non-standard high and low temperature,
low temperature test room

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