HZ-2014A Vertical Electric Oven
HZ-2014A Vertical Electric Oven
HZ-2014A Vertical Electric Oven
HZ-2014A Vertical Electric Oven

HZ-2014A Vertical Electric Oven

Vertical Electric Oven uses high-temperature to dry heat, it also can make micro-organisms oxidation, protein denaturation, to kill residual microorganisms in a certain period. 
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Main function
Vertical Electric Oven can be used in drying glass, the thermal denaturation of sample and thermal induration experiment, eliminate specimen's residual moisture,microbes in the vessels of the glass with dry heat sterilization, experiment of preheating,before heating food and chemical need to harden or softening experiment,ruled out moisture, extend the food in the harsh conditions of the preservation time, dry and heat resistance experiment the building materials, electronic components and dry,baking, disinfection, sterilization and material degeneration test.

Main feature
1. The vertical drum wind drying oven is made of high qualified steel plate or mirror stainless steel, plastic spraying,studio shell double-layer tempered glass windows,beautiful modelling novel.
2. HZ-2014 vertical electric drum wind microcomputer intelligent control, temperature drying oven overheating protection,time settings, temperature, small fluctuations linear
3. HZ-2014 series vertical drum wind drying oven instrument has tracking alarm function of mixing hot air circulation, the heat loss is small, the drum wind, heat can be independent operation.

Applicable industries
It is widely used in paint, resins, plastics, printing and packaging, aluminum, adhesives, auto, cosmetics, metals, electronics, electroplating, medicine, etc.

Technical parameter

Model 2014A
Power                        220V  50HZ 308V 50HZ
Temperature 50℃-300℃
Fluctuation ±1℃
Following alarm +5℃
Consume power 1000W~3500W 4500W
Inside size
350*350*350;450*350*450;550*450*550;600*500*750;700*650*900 800*800*1000
Outside size
550*350*675;600*530*775;700*630*875;750*680*1075;850*800*1285 950*980*1325


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