HZ-7002 Rubber Weiss Plasticity Test Machine
HZ-7002 Rubber Weiss Plasticity Test Machine
HZ-7002 Rubber Weiss Plasticity Test Machine

HZ-7002 Rubber Weiss Plasticity Test Machine

Rubber Weiss Plasticity Test Machine is produced according to standards for testing of plastic values for raw rubber, plastic rubber mixing, rubber compound and rubber. preheating and a certain size of sample placed between two parallel plates under  specified temperature and constant load compression, and then measure high of samples under applied load.
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Corresponding standard:

Desktop Rubber Weiss Plasticity Test Machine according with GB / T 12828 <raw rubber and rubber compound determination of plasticity and recovery values> and other standards.


Applicable industry:

Desktop rubber weiss plasticity test instrument apply to rubber, tires, reclaimed rubber factory.


Technical parameter:




RT 50 Centigrade ~ 300 Centigrade

Measuring range

0.01~25 mm


±0.01 mm


49 N ± 0.05 N

Temperature accuracy

±1 Centigrade


LCD display 0~9,999


(inside W*D*H):35cm *35cm *35 cm


53 kg


220V, 5A


Main functions:
For the determination of raw rubber, rubber mixing and blending elements of William's plastic glue. The machine with the general plasticity of the main structural difference between machine reference ANSI / ASTM standards and foreign advanced prototype, temperature digital display; can be arbitrarily set in the 0-100  Centigrade, machine installation of three-minute alarm can greatly improve the timing accuracy.

Main features:
1. Pressure parts and re-work  platform mounted on the thermostat box
Pressurized heavy hammer lifting mechanism control, pressing the wrench, you can manipulate the cam, so that pressurized heavy hammer up and down slide in the axial direction. Dial indicator fixed on the top bracket on the tank to measure the specimen deformation due to pressure heavy hammer displacement values.
2. Temperature controller
Thermostat from the electric heater, platinum thermal resistance, l / temperature switches, digital temperature display regulator component.
3. Timing alarm
Import time using integrated circuits, and thus has a compact structure, high reliability, low power consumption and so on. Taking into account the provisions of full testing time 3 minutes later, automatically stop the clock, brought heavy hammer, the timer automatically re-zero, may at any time a re-operation.

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