HZ-7039W Thermal Conductivity Tester Transient Probe Method

HZ-7039W thermal conductivity tester adopts the transient probe method for measuring the thermal conductivity of high viscosity fluid, liquid, glue, particles, powder and other materials.This instrument combines the hotline method with the probe method, which greatly improves the portability of the operation while ensuring the measurement accuracy. Users only need to insert the probe into the tested sample, and can obtain the thermal conductivity of the tested sample through a simple software click operation, which is especially suitable for field measurement.

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Thermal Conductivity Tester Transient Probe Method
Main Features:

1.Easy to perform the operation, fast test speed, accurate measurement,

2. Especially suitable for field measurements,

3. No special shape requirements for the sample,

4. Automated test software,easy operation,

5. The temperature of the sample can test the thermal conductivity of the sample at different temperatures.

Main Technical  Index:
1Thermal resistance coefficient range:20-1000k*cm/w);
2Thermal conductivity range:0.1-5w/m*k);
3Certainty of measurement:<5%
4Measurement temperature range:Routine detection is room temperature, test probe temperature resistance range:-40℃-120℃ ;
5Probe size:φ10*1500mm);depth of penetration:600-1500mm);
6Measurement time: 20 minutes;
7Computer automatic test, data processing, and generation of detection report, printable output;
8Power supply: Voltage 220V; frequency 50Hz; power<500W
9Communication interface: USB interface.
Instrument configuration: a HZ-7039W test host, a test probe, a set of test software, a set of communication interface and data cable, a desktop computer (configured according to the contract).


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