Medical Face Mask Airflow Resistance Tester HZ-9507B

Medical Face Mask Airflow Resistance Tester HZ-9507B

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1.Main parameters of Medical Face Mask Airflow Resistance Tester HZ-9507B
① Flowmeter range: 0L/min~100L/min, with accuracy of 3%;
② Test flow :(85±1)L/min 0.1L/min is better than ±2.5%;
③ Micromanometer range: 0Pa~1000Pa, accuracy: 1Pa;
④ Tooling head die: large, medium and small (new standard)
⑤ The pumping capacity of the air pump shall be no less than 100L/min
⑥ The air displacement of the air compressor shall be no less than 100L/min

2.Compliance with standards:
(1). Gb2626-2019 respiratory protective equipment self-suction filter anti-particulate respirator 6.5 inspiratory Yin force 6.6 expiratory resistance
(2). 6.7 inspiratory resistance in GB/T 32610-2016 technical specification for daily protective masks

3. Standard requirements:
 (1). Number of samples: 4
 (2). Preprocessing: the samples were pretreated by constant temperature and humidity chamber
      A. 24h±1h at 38℃±2.5℃ and 85%±5% relative humidity;
      B. Dry at 70℃±3℃ for 24h±1h;
      C. 24h±1h at -30℃±3℃;
Note: the pretreatment method adopted should avoid thermal shock and make the sample temperature return to room temperature at least 4h before the subsequent pretreatment or detection.
 (3). Detection method: check the air tightness and working status of the detection device.Adjust the ventilation volume to 85L±1L/min, and set the system resistance of the detection device to 0
 (4). Appropriate measures (such as use of sealant) shall be taken to wear the tested sample in an airtight manner on the matching test head die. The correct position of the mask shall be ensured.Adjust the ventilation volume to 85L±1L/min and determine and record the maximum inspiratory resistance.The same is true for expiratory resistance.

4. Detection principle of respirator respirator resistance tester
(1). The instrument is composed of a breathing air source that can adjust the flow rate, a standard human head mold, an inhaling and exhaling piping system, and a respiratory resistance measurement system.
(2). Special air path conversion elements are adopted to ensure the convenient and quick replacement of the exhalation and inhalation tube system.
(3). Digital display of respiratory resistance, with the functions of zero point correction, accuracy correction and over range alarm.
(4), the use of standard flow meter, flow control accuracy is high.
(5). The computer control and acquisition system realizes the control of the pressure, the control of the respiratory frequency and the real-time detection and output of the test data of respiratory resistance.

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