Programmable Salt Spray Test Chamber HZ-2001A

Salt spray test chamber used to test the corrosive resistance of products whose the surface was treated with paint, electroplating, inorganic and organic film, anode handling, anti-rust oil, etc.
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Detailed configurations as follows:
1. Machine material:
  •  Salt Spray Test Chamber using PVC polyvinyl chloride plate (from Taiwan), acid-resisting and alkali-resisting, cleaning easier.
  • Cover of testing room using acrylic panels (imported organic glass), the thickness is 5mm.
  • Reagents added bottles attached with water gauge, cleaning easy and not easy to break.
  • Saturated air barrels is made of SUS # 304 stainless steel.
  • Testing room to adopt indexing frame, can be arbitrarily adjust the angle, Surrounded by fog and placed more piece .
2. According to CNS JIS ASTM GB2423.19 specifications, can be set constant temperature to control
  •  Salt spray test: NSS, ACSS
             1. Testing room : 35 ℃ ± 1 ℃
             2. Saturated air barrels : 47 ℃ ± 1 ℃
  • Anti-corrosion test: CASS (copper acetate)
             1. Testing room: 50 ℃ ± 1 ℃
             2. Saturated air barrels: 63 ℃ ± 1 ℃
3. Air supply system: air pressure 1Kg/cm2 Two-stage adjustments (coarse / fine-tuning).
  • The first paragraph for the rough adjustment 2-2.5Kg/cm2, the second paragraph to fine-tune 1Kg/cm2.
  • Testing configuration is switch connector designed for SO2.
4. Spray form:
  • Using Bo Nute principle to draw brine and then saline spray, atomization uniform, non-blocking and crystallization, so that ensure continuous spraying.
  • Nozzle: The nozzle is made of special glass, adjust spray volume and spray angle.
  • Spray volume: Adjustable 1 ~ 2ml (80cm2/hr) (average of 16-hour volume).
5. Heating devices:
By direct heating, warming up faster and reduction of standby time, when the temperature arrives automatically switch ON / OFF, make temperature accuracy, low power consumption (heating tube is made of titanium alloy).
6. The control system: 
  •  Testing room temperature controller is the digital micro-computer products 0-99.9 ℃, liquid     crystal digital display with PID automatic calculation, the control error is ± 0.3 ℃ (YANG MING6802) 1 pcs. 
  •  Saturated air barrels controller 0 ~ 99.9 ℃, liquid crystal digital display with PID automatic calculation, the control error is ± 0.3 ℃ (YANG MING6802) 1 pcs. 
  • Safe temperature controller of heat expansion of the liquid tank 30 ~ 110 ℃ (Italy) 1 pcs. 
  • Safe temperature controller of expansion of the saturated air barrel : 30 ~ 110 ℃ (Italy) 1 pcs. 
  • Digital time controller 9.9s ~ 9990hr (Taiwan) 1 pcs. 
  • Timer 0 ~ 9999hr (Taiwan Anliang) 1 pcs. 
  • Buckle switch, continuous buckling 20000 times. 
  • Pressure gauge, (Taiwan B card). 
  • Fixture bleaker (YANG MING). 
  • Electromagnetic valve; (KSD). 
  • Regulating valve (YIHUA). 
  • Bleaker (Omron). 

Technical Parameters:

Model HZ-2001A-60L HZ-2001A-90L HZ-2001A-120L
Inside box size(cm) 60x45x40 90x60x50 120x80x50
Outside box size(cm) 107x60x118 141x88x128 190x110x140
Testing room temperature Salt test (NSS ACSS)35°C±1°C/ Corrosion Test (CASS)50°C±1°C
Pressure barrel temperature Salt test (NSS ACSS)47°C±1°C/ Corrosion Test (CASS)63°C±1°C
Brine temperature 35°C±1°C 50°C±1°C
Testing room Capacity 108L 270L 480L
Brine tank capacity 15L 25L 40L
Salt concentration The concentration of sodium chloride 5% or the 5% concentration of sodium chloride add 0.26g per liter of copper chloride (CuCl2 2H2O)
Air pressure 1.00±0.01kgf/cm2
Spray volume 1.0~2.0ml/80cm2/h (working at least 16 hours, and then take the average)
Testing room relative humidity 85% above
PH 6.5~7.2 3.0~3.2
Spray form Programmable spray (Including continuous and intermittent spray)
Power AC220V1Φ10A AC220V1Φ15A AC220V1Φ20A

Corresponding Standard : 

  • GB/T 2423.17-1993 salt spray test
  • ASTM.B117-97 salt spray test 
  • JIS H8502 salt spray test 
  • IEC68-2-11 salt spray test 
  • IEC68-2-52 1996 salt spray test 
  • CNS.4158  salt spray test 
  • CNS.4159 CASS  Accelerated acetic acid copper salt spray test
  • ASTM B117 Standard Practice for Operating Salt Spray (Fog) Apparatus


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