Rubber Mixing Mill HZ-7015A

Rubber Mixing Mill suitable for plastic industry polymer material mixing and processing such as, PVC, color master batch. Making the raw material and compound mixing, and achieve the required color and quality. The machine adopts special heated mold, roll surface temperature uniformity, never take off a layer, sample thickness can be mixed, the machine safety protection device, convenience to use.

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Reference standard:
GB 6038-2006 Rubber ingredients of rubber testing, mixing and Vulcanization equipment and operating procedures.
GBT 13577-1992 Mill for rubber and plastics
HGT 2149-2004 Open rubber mixing machine, plastic mixing mill test methods
JBT 53113-1999 Open plastic mixing mill product quality grading

Technique Feature:
⑴ The core technology from Taiwan, The main parts adopt the French schneider. 
⑵ The whole floor, easy installation, driving mode is uniaxial output ensure the torsion big, Imported bearings reduce rubbing force to ensure save electricity, low noise and rubber thickness uniform parallel controllable.
⑶ Roll adopts the vanadium titanium alloy chilled cast iron,roll hardness (HRC) 50-60, surface is hard wear-resisting, durable. Roller lumen finish machining to ensure that the roller body cooling quickly and evenly.
⑷ The machine adopts manual adjustment mode, Thickness control precision, easy operation, High safety factor .
⑸ The machine is equipped with an emergency brake, When emergency accidents,four corners have emergency switch, a number of brake system, convenient quick stop machine.
⑹ Transmission device adopts hardened reducer, compact structure, transmission efficiency, little noise. 
⑺ Automatic oiling device to ensure that long-term oil for driving part,Make up the pump forget supply damage to part of serious consequences.
(8) Two motor driven, arbitrary roller speed ratio before and after implementation, easy to operation.
(9) Integral plate, easy installation.Driving mode is uniaxial output to ensure the big torque,imported bearings to reduce friction to save electricity, reduce noise, and Rubber thickness uniform parallel controllable.
(10) Transmission device adopts double double frequency converter control, Low noise, long service life.

Technical parameters:
 Model  HZ-7015 Rubber Mixing Mill
 Roller Diameter   120mm/4in; 160mm/6in; 200mm/8in; 250mm/10in
 Roller face width  320mm
 Mixing capacity  0.32kg, 0.53kg, 110kg, 215kg
 Picking device  SUS304 Stainless steel hopper
 Roller temperature  RT300°C
 Heating method  electrical heating OR water-cooled cooling
 Temp Accuracy  ±3°C
 Temperature controller  PID control
 Roller Rev  frequency control
 Roller ratio  1:1.22/1:1.35; 1:1.22/1:1.35; 1:1.1/1:1.22; 1:1.1/1:1.22
 Roller hardness  5060HRC
 Roller processing  Mirror polishing chrome plated
 Roller spacing  0.18mm, 0.110mm (adjustable)
 Spacing display mode  Calibration/digital display
 Safety device  Collision type emergency stop
 Safety device number  7 PCS
 Special function  Emergency stop inversion
 Motor power  4.5KW, 5.5KW, 7.5KW, 15KW
 Power voltage  3 phaseAC380V
 Dimension (m)  1*1.1*1.4; 1*1.1*1.5; 1.5*1.2*1.5; 1.5*1.3*1.6
 Weight  2T; 2.5T; 3.4T; 4T


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