Wheel Impact Test Machine HZ-1349

This Computerized Wheel Impact Test Machine is for car wheel test, which design with ISO7141-2005, SAEj175, GB/T15704-1995, JIS, VIA, TUV.
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  Wheel Impact Test Machine HZ-1349 is designed and manufactured for the safety performance inspection of car wheels for the wheel industry, the automotive industry and related quality supervision and inspection agencies.
  The user shall perform normalized operations, including maintenance and care, in accordance with the manufacturer's specified operating procedures. Unauthorized modification or use of connecting flanges, spare parts or consumables that do not meet the manufacturer's requirements is considered to be non-standardized.

  ISO 3006-2015 Road vehicles
  SAE J328-2016 (R) Wheels
  GB/T 5334-2005
  QC/T 221
  JIS D 4230 - Automobile Tyres
  JWL Standard

Main Parameter:
1. Model: HZ-1349
2. Working voltage: 380V AC, 50Hz, 3P+N+PE
3. Power: 5kw
4. Air source pressure: 1.0MPa
5. Hammer weight adjustment range: 350kg~1000kg; adjustment grade: 5kg; Main hammer: 350kg; secondary hammer: 50kg-13 blocks; cylindrical secondary hammer: 2.5Kg-2, 5Kg-2, 10Kg-2
6. Hammer accuracy: ±2%
7. Drop height: ≥500mm
8. Hammer impact surface area: 13° impact: L375mm×W150mm
                                                     30° impact: L380mm×W152mm
9. Tilt of the wheel bracket: 13° ± 1°, 30° ± 1°
10. Wheel bracket stiffness: When the vertical force of 1000kg acts on the center of the bracket, the vertical deformation of the center of the working plate is 7.5mm±10%.
11. Wheel diameter range: 13〞~24〞
12. Wheel width range: 4〞~10〞
13. Cushion rubber mat: 4 pcs, 51 × 27mm, hardness: Shore 50
14. Test environment:
    A. temperature: 10°C ~ 45°C; B. humidity: <85%; C. altitude: <1000m
15. No-load noise control: ≤75dB
16. Dimensions: approx. L1900mm × W1500mm × H2800mm
17. Weight: about 7.5t
18. This test machine is the latest structure in the world. Its weight is placed on the lifting plate of the testing machine and fixed by the right front and left rear columns. The test is selected by the position of the bolt according to the different impact weights of the various wheels.


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