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COF Tester

Climate Chamber

Custom Designed Chambers
Temperature Chambers
Walk-in Test Chambers
Salt Spray Chambers
Environmental Test Chambers
Temperature Humidity Chambers
Thermal Shock Chambers
Aging Test Chambers
Xenon Test Chamber
UV aging testing chamber

Rubber Test Machine

Mooney Viscometer
Vulcanizer Machines
Rubber Mixing Mill 
Banbury Kneader 

Balancing Machine

Balancing Machine
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Auto Parts Industry Balancer
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Specimen Fabrication Aids
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Other Equipment

Digital Voltage Test Machine
Mask Products
Thermal conductivity tester
Adhesive Tape Test Equipment
Auto Parts Test Equipment
Pram/Wheelchair Test Equipment
Textile Test Equipment
Helmet Test Equipment
Footwear Test Equipment
LED Test Equipment
Luggage Suitcase Test Equipment
Leather Test Equipment
Package Test Equipment
Plastic Test Equipment

air conditioner

Window air conditioner
mobile air conditioning

Digital Voltage Test Machine


Lixian Instrument Scientific Co., Ltd. is one of the national leading manufacturers of advanced testing instruments, which was found on 2000, located in Dongguan, Guangdong province of China.