Footwear Static Anti slip Testing Machine HZ-3643B
Footwear Static Anti slip Testing Machine HZ-3643B
Footwear Static Anti slip Testing Machine HZ-3643B

Footwear Static Anti slip Testing Machine HZ-3643B

HZ-3643B Footwear Static Anti slip Testing machine developed based on extensive biomechanical research, it represents the conditions encountered during walking may occur slipping. This non-slip machine consists of a specially designed control instrument and data collection systems, for provide users with the coefficient of friction for each test sample.
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Equipment summary:
Footwear Static Anti slip Testing machine HZ-3643B is obtained through close control of the force involved in testing, including the variable speed motor provides velocity. The controller on the instrument and its unique circuitry designed to ensure that the testing process can maintain the proper force and velocity.

Main functions:

HZ-3643B Footwear static anti-slip testing machine used to each test machine testing standards, instrument calibration, and the floor test interface. Other test interface also applies to this instrument, as long as the size suitable for installation in the instrument, almost all types of test interfaces can be used HZ - 43B footwear static anti-slip testing machine for testing. Its unique design makes this instrument can be used to measure shoes and standard floor interface between the non-slip coefficient can also be used to measure anti-slip coefficient between a variety of floor interface with standard substrate.

Applicable industry:
Footwear with outer soles, the end of shoe heel or outside the test of the static non-slip performance.

Meet the standards:
SATRA TM144 / EN ISO 13287 /ASTM F2913

Technical parameters:
  1. max vertical and horizontal pressure:1000N
  2. minimum speed:(0.3±0.03)M/S
  3. static time:0-5S
  4. vertical sensor:2KN
  5. Horizontal sensor:1kNx2
  6. wedge angle gauge:7°
  7. Control method: computer control + special software
  8. Machine weight: 350Kg
  9. Power: 1 ∮, AC220V, 50Hz, 0.75KW
  10. Machine dimensions: 2000mm * 700mm * 1250mm (length * width * height)

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