HZ-4012B  Metal Wire Torsion Testing Machine
HZ-4012B  Metal Wire Torsion Testing Machine
HZ-4012B  Metal Wire Torsion Testing Machine
HZ-4012B  Metal Wire Torsion Testing Machine

HZ-4012B Metal Wire Torsion Testing Machine

HZ-4012B metal wire torsion testing machine,is one of new metal wire torsion testing machine studied and produced by our company by digital display and count. It is mainly used for theФ3.0~Ф10.0 metal wire torsion testing machine. The function of which is determination of metal wire to withstand severe plastic deformation in one-way or two-way reversed ability and display of wire surface and inner defect. 
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Speed option please follow table 3 of GB/T239-1999.

Technical Parameters

Model HZ-4012A Metal Wire Torsion Testing Machine
item name specification parameter and index
inspection wire diameter(mm) φ3~<φ10
two chuck coaxality (mm) <φ0.4
move guide rail length range of parallelism (mm) <0.2
two chuck maximum distance (mm) >550
Rotation speedrpm 3060±10%
Clamp mouth hardnessHRC 55~65
weight tolerance ±0.01%
working machine noisedB <70
work powerv AC380V±10% 50Hz

Working term
3.1 room temperature within 1035℃
3.2 On steady work table. install correctly, parallelism less than 0.2%.
3.3In the absence of vibration environment
3.4  non - corrosive media in around
3.5 powerthree phrase four line 380V±10% 50Hzvoltage fluctuationsFluctuations not exceeding ±

Construction and working principle
HZ-4012B metal wire torsion testing machine is made from engine part and electrical part. Count from the original mechanical structure to electronic counting, counting the minimum value of up to 0.1, test of axial Afterburner, Rotating Afterburner, test specimen is disconnected number of latches, termination tests are controlled by the electronic circuit, Simple and convenient operation.
4.1 Right end of the machine for axial removable Chuckchuck mobile uses a sliding bearingsmall friction resistancereliable guarantees of axial movement of flatnessAxial Afterburner uses a 10:1 lever weights Afterburnerweight precision of 0.1The left side of the machine is the slider boxdrag the slider box by 0.5KW motorenable it to move aroundslider boxes by double - speed motor, gearbox, optical code disc and rotating Chuck compositionLeft side of the machine is equipped with the left limit switches, guarantee the safety of equipment.
4.2 electric systemThe power pack, control part, LED display - partsee chart

3, usage and operation
6.1 prepare for specimen
a. The length of test specimen follows the principles of GB/T239-1999 metal wire torsion testing method.
1.0~<ф5.0   L=100d       Ф5.0Ф10.0   L=50d
The length of both side of chuck clamping is 30mm, all in together 60mm.
b. The test specimen must be straight by any possibility. Please make it straight on hand when necessary. If it won’t work when you do this like that, please put the specimen on the wood, plastic or copper, and hit it with hammer which material is the same as the specimen, or you can use other method to make it straight slightly, but please don’t damage the specimen’ surface and torsion it too. Part of specimen curved can not be used for test.

Wire diameter(d)
or character dimension( D)
One way torsion(rpm) two way torsion (rpm)
steel copper and copper alloy Aluminum and aluminum alloy
3.0~<3.6 60 60 60 60
3.6~<5.0 30
5.010.0 30 30

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