HZ-7039A Flat Plate Steady-state Method Silicone Rubber Thermal Conductivity Tester

The method of measuring thermal conductivity can be roughly divided into two categories: steady-state method and dynamic method.The silicone rubber thermal conductivity tester uses steady-state method to measure the thermal conductivity of different materials. Its design method is clear, simple and typical and practical.Measuring the thermal conductivity of matter is an important part of thermal experiments.
The tester consists of heater, digital display temperature gauge, digital display timer, etc. (using integrated design)

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Technical Parameters (silicone rubber thermal conductivity tester)
1.Power supply: AC 220V; 50HZ
2.Heat source: heat the copper block with 36V safety voltage
3.Test materials: silicone rubber, rubber board, aluminum, air, etc., adding a frame can detect powder, granular, rubber materials. 
4.Measured temperature range: room temperature ~100, precision ± 1;
5.Timing part: range 0~999.9s; resolution 0.1s;
6.Measurement accuracy of thermal conductivity: 10%
7.Sample size: 130 (1-100) mm
8.Test range of thermal conductivity: 0.1~300w / m k

Configuration: including a HZ-7039A test host, a thermocouples, a thermal insulation bucket, a gear plate, a thermal conductive silicon grease.

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