Aluminum Wind Wheel Dynamic Balancing Machine10.4-inch LCD touch screen display

Aluminum Wind Wheel Dynamic Balancing Machine10.4-inch LCD touch screen display

Double-sided Dynamic Balancing Machine is widely used in water pump impellers, brake discs, saw blades, fans, Balance test of disc workpieces such as pulleys and tires. The display part of this product is a 10.4-inch LCD touch screen display. It not only has the characteristics of large measurement range, high efficiency, .
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Double-sided Dynamic Balancing Machine is a kind of HZ series vertical structure hard support balancing machine with a wide range of uses, which is designed and manufactured by our factory by introducing foreign advanced technology. It not only has the characteristics of large measurement range, high efficiency, safe and simple operation, and intuitive display, but also occupies a leading position in the domestic balancing machine industry.

Precautions Installation of the balancing machine
1. The compressive strength of the foundation concrete is ≥16MP, the foundation uses No. 525 cement, and the secondary grouting uses No. 625 cement.
2. The installation level of the machine is ≤0.2/1000. The machine needs to be grouted twice after the level adjustment. The grouting should be fully padded, and the anchor bolts should be tightened after the foundation is completely dry.

Industrial control measurement system
The measurement system is the core of the balancing machine. This system uses the latest CPU computing chip, after signal amplification, filtering, analog-to-digital conversion, and then computing to display the measurement data. At the same time, it also has the output of database, communication data and control signal, including the connection of printer. Man-machine dialogue interface, intuitive and easy to operate, suitable for display in industrial production environments. After rigorous multi-level component screening, large-scale electrical circuit manufacturing technology, coupled with high and low temperature aging tests, it is suitable for balancing machines to perform accurate measurements in different environments.

Quality Standard
1.accordance with GB/T4201-2006 standards.
2. Quality assurance period: Within 12 months from the completion of commissioning, the product will be maintained for life.
3.Acceptance criteria: Before leaving the factory, the supplier shall check and accept the balancing machine according to the ISO2953-85 standard, and issue a certificate of conformity.
4. Carry out actual operation and on-site acceptance of the physical workpiece at the buyer's place, and complete the training of operators.

After-sales service: 1. After the balancing machine arrives at the buyer's site, the supplier is responsible for the on-site debugging, operation training and common troubleshooting training of the balancing machine. 2. If the equipment fails, our company will respond and support within 48 hours after receiving the buyer's notice. 3. The equipment is free of charge during the "three guarantees", and after the "three guarantees", life-long maintenance services and parts replacement services


Model Number HZ-16L
Power Electronic
Model HZ-16L
Max Mass of Workpiece(kg) 0.5-16
Max Diameter of Workpiece 650
measurement method single sided, double sided
Spindle bearing NSK
Balance speed r/min 800
Color Orange
Motor Power (kw) 1.1
Minimum reachable residual unbalance ≤3

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