Anti-yellow Aging Test Chamber HZ-2009A CNS-3556; JIS-K6301; ASTM-D2436; ASTM D1148

Anti-yellow Aging Test Chamber HZ-2009A CNS-3556; JIS-K6301; ASTM-D2436; ASTM D1148

Anti-yellow Aging Test Chamber is used to calculate the change rate of tension and elongation before and after heating.At the same time also play a role in simulating the sun's ultraviolet radiation and heat, the test sample in the machine by ultraviolet irradiation and temperature action, after a period of time, observe the degree of the test sample resistance to yellowing, can be discolored gray mark as a reference, determine the grade of its yellowing.
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Main feature:
Aging: HZ-2009A Anti-yellow Aging Test Chamber is to promote the deterioration of vulcanite, and then to calculate the change rate of tensile and elongation. But also the role of ultraviolet radiation to simulate sun and heat, the specimen in the machine in the desks by ultraviolet radiation and temperature effects, over time, observed the extent of the sample resistance to yellowing, discoloration of gray scale can be used as a reference, to determine its yellowing level. Product in the course of radiation or by sunlight during transport, the impact of the container environment change in color caused by the occurrence of the defective product in this machine using the UV lamp 300W, so that experiments can be completed in a shorter time, this machine can be used as the basicresistance to yellowing test, also when the aging test machine and oven use, showing a multi-function machine This machine is equipped with forced hot air circulation control system to ensure uniform temperature distribution.
Anti-yellow: HZ-2009A Anti-yellow Aging Test Chambers simulate atmospheric environment which driven by the sun ultraviolet radiation, Generally consider being tested 9H in the 50 degree is theoretically equal to 6 months exposed at the outside atmosphere.

Corresponding standard:
CNS-3556; JIS-K6301; ASTM-D2436; ASTM D1148

Applicable industries:

It is widely used in paint, resins, plastics, printing and packaging, aluminum, adhesives, auto, cosmetics, metals, electronics, electroplating, medicine, etc.

Technical parameter:

 Model  HZ-2009A Anti-yellow Aging Test Chambers
 Inside size  40×40×45cm
 Volume  91×55×100cm
 Temperature  room temp  200°C
 Temperature resolution  0.1 degree
 Accuracy  ±1 degree
 Timer  0-999H, memory-type with buzzer
 Control mode  Automatic calculation controller
 Wheel speed  Dia.45cm, 10R.P.M. ±2R.P.M
 UV lamp  UV300W
 Heating  hot loop
 Protection  EGO over-temperature guiding light, overload switch ammeter
 Material  SUS#304 stainless steel
 Weight  87kg
 Power  1 phase, AC220V, 19.5AC




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