Baby Carriage Stability Testing Machine HZ-1212

Baby Carriage Stability Testing Machine HZ-1212, also known as the baby carriage ramp test machine, the baby vehicle rollover test machine, baby car balance testing machine, used for braking performance and stability performance test of baby carriage.
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Product Specifications:
1. Stop position should be arranged in the hand does not leave the baby carriage and by foot easily operation, load in the hammock position, locking stop, tilt table sit in the degree, the wheel should not rotate.
2. Stop device is easily operating if the hand not away from the crib, placed in a load lock, closed stop, after drying the plate which is made of a tilt table of static, checking wheel if has a rotation, and has the mechanism, set up the state inspection.
3. Baby car should not easily dumping, the driver should can slide freely.
4. In windless conditions, the baby carriage from plywood manufacturing of tilt table to do around the square phase alternate static, check whether there is dumping, a backrest mechanism, vertical to the upright and opened to the maximum position, each to be tested.

Maintenance Method:
1. Clean: keep the machine clean, before and after each use cotton cloth wiping machine, so as to keep clean.
2. Rust: weekly on the platform surface of the metal parts of spraying a rust preventive oil injection hours and  then clean.
3. Lubricating oil: regular monthly to machine transmission parts, such as screw filling lubricating use ordinary  lubricating oil.
4. Maintenance: regular inspection control panel keys are normal.

Baby car as far as possible not to use in any of the following circumstances:
1. Vibration, rocking occasions.
2. Direct sunlight.
3. Hot, dusty, humid places.
4. The AC power supply should be well grounded, to ensure safe use.
5. It is prohibited to use strong solvents, such as benzene, nitro categories oil for cleaning machine.
6. Shall not be injected into the water and debris inside the machine, in order to prevent damage to electrical components and electrical shock.
7. The disassembling and assembling and debugging of the instrument display can only be approved by the national metrology units and the company, other people are not allowed to overhaul.

Technical Parameters:
 Model  HZ-1212 Baby Carriage Stability Testing Machine
 Tilting direction  left, right
 The tilting angle  30 °
 Stage  L1200 × W1000 × 12mm, high-strength wood,
 shop sticky 60 # sandpaper, rated load-bearing 60kg
 Power plant  cylinder, use 6bar standard industrial gas source
 Angle setting  equipped with angle measuring device, rapid valve adjustable angle
 Weight  50kg


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