Color Fastness Friction Tester HZ-8027

Color Fastness Friction Tester is used to evaluate the color fastness degree for textile, knitted fabric, leather, electrochemical metal plate and printing industry.
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Color Fastness Friction Tester adopts advanced technology, with self-control circuit, it is a advanced color fastness friction test in the world so far. It has lots of functions, the reciprocating times can be set, so this machine can provide regular test standards for all the production and scientific research departments.

Corresponding Standard:

ISO105/×12 and GB/T3920

Applicable Industry:
This tester is applied to textile products, knitted fabric, leather, electrochemical metal plate and printing  industry.

Technical Parameter:

1. Model:  HZ-8027A
2.Friction head pressure: 9N
3. Friction head diameter: 16mm
4. Crank rotary times: 60 times/ minute
5. self-control reciprocating times: 099999 timesoptional to choose
6. Friction head trip: 100mm
7. The maximum size and thickness of the sample: 220×110×5mm
8. Motor power: 40w
9. Dimension: 760×270×240mm
10. weight: about 15Kg


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