Crib Comprehensive Performance Test Machine HZ-1228

Crib Comprehensive Performance Test Machine HZ-1228 is to test the comprehensive performance of the cribs, including the side plate board strip strength test, framework and fasteners vertical static load test, durability test framework and fasteners.
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I. The side plate board strip strength test (bending test)
The 250N force is applied to the middle of each side in turn next to a plate and end plate board beside a bar. Force should be moving in two axes vertical and horizontal direction crib is applied horizontally. Force should be applied to the midpoint between the top and bottom slats. Pressure holding time should be 30s. Record any broken slats and any other damage or deformation.

II. Framework and fasteners vertical static load test
300N with a vertical downward force on the top of the crib beside F- load plate 10 times. Every load time for at least l0 s all side panels and bedside different structures should test.

III. Durability test framework and fasteners (Crib Comprehensive Performance Test Machine HZ-1228)
1. From 0 to 100N force within 1 each load should be no less than 1s time to go back to 0
2. Article cylinder side force, force values can be adjusted: 0-300N
3. Side of the cylinder up and down, left and right to adjust the position
4. Electric vertical position can be adjusted biasing means
5. Force value accuracy: ±1%
6. Control system: PLC
7. Display: Touch Screen
8. Arbitrarily set the number of tests, the action sequence.
9. The force value is displayed, the number of holding time, displacement
10. Aluminum frame

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