Crib Impact Testing Machine HZ-1209

Crib Impact Testing Machine HZ-1209 utility model structure is simple and convenient test can be achieved on accurate detection, automatic transposition, single-point or multi-point turn of the impact, and can realize automatic control, analysis, which can ensure the factory product of good quality, and children's personal safety.
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Main feature:
The table, frame, hammer, magnet, horizontal frame, cylinder and cylinder bracket, referred to in brackets in the table, the bracket is installed on the horizontal bracket, cylinder bracket installed in the Heng Jia, in the cylinder bracket installed on the cylinder, the cylinder piston rod with the top of the fixed electromagnet; iron frame fixed link through the impact hammer. Hammer the bottom of the ball for the semi-circle.

Meet the standard:
Design had been completed in accordance with EN standards.

Applicable industry:
Crib Impact Testing Machine HZ-1209 is the ideal testing instrument for the infant car manufacturers and research, prodcut quality supervision, inspection industries and sectors.

Technical parameter:
Model HZ-1209
Hight of impact 25~250mm(Adjustable)
Impact mode Freefall
Impact frequency 5 times/min~20 times/min Adjustable
Number of testing 0~9999times  ( Can be set)
Range of crib heigth 200~700mm
Range of crib depth The impact of the test sample surface depth of 650mm
Displaying Large LCD touch-screen digital display
Control Microcomputer automatic control
Action mode Electro-pneumatic


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