Customized Horizontal Tensile Testing Machine HZ-1008B

This type of hydraulic horizontal tensile testing machine is used for tensile test of chain, wire rope, cable, electrical porcelain insulator and etc.

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Hydraulic Horizontal Tensile Testing Machine Frame:
           Ø Horizontal structure, reasonable height, easy to operate, stable transmission.
           Ø Loading cylinder with excellent center alignment and shock absorbing performance.
           Ø Servo system with pressure difference regulation ability to reduce energy consumption, reduce heat and protect the oil.
           Ø Apply imported servo valve with fast response and high control precision.
           Ø Imported tension/compression force transducer with high precision and stability can be verified by compression direction and used at tensile direction.

Hydraulic Horizontal Tensile Testing Machine Controller:
           Ø Resolution is up to 1/350,000FS
           Ø Based on advanced adaptive neuron PID control algorithm, closed-loop control of stain, stress, load, displacement and extension. All control modes shift easily and smoothly.
           Ø 8-channel analog signal acquisition and 3-channel digital signal acquisition
           Ø USB communication
           Ø Provide fully automatic control of metal tensile tests. Separate control of force, extension and displacement during elastic stage, plastic stage and hardening stage.

Max. Force 500kN
Accuracy 1 grade
Force range 1% ~ 100% FS
Force accuracy ±1% of reading
Force resolution 1/±350,000 of max force
Force rate 0.02 ~ 2%FS/S
Cylinder speed 150mm/min
Displacement range 0 ~ 600mm
Displacement accuracy ±0.1mm
Tensile space (excluding piston travel) 12meter
Piston Stroke 1500mm
Dimension 18000 (L) x 800(W) x 700(H) mm (estimate)
Power supply 415V±10%, 4.0kW
Weight 30,000kg
Standard accessories:
Load frame 1 set
Driving system 1 set
Single pole double-acting servo cylinder 1 set
movable cross-beam 1 set
500kN loading cylinder 1 set
500kN load cell 1 set
Displacement load cell 1 set
display module, A/D Module 1 set
Hydraulic power unit 1 set
Hydraulic tension grip 1 set
Stranded wire diameter 26mm
English version manual/ software Testing Machine operation Manual and software (hard copy and 1 CD)
Branded High performance Computer System & printer  

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