Digital Fabric Permeability Testing Machine HZ-8032

For a variety of textile fabrics, including industrial fabrics, non woven breathable fabric and other textile products’ permeability test.
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Fabric Permeability Testing Machine Standard
GB/T 5453 Textile fabric permeability measurement
ASTM D737、BS 5636、DIN 53887、AFNOR G07-111、EDANA 140.1、ISO 7231、ISO 9237、
ISO 9073-15、JIS L1096-A、TAPPI T251、WSP 070.1.R3、EDANA 140.2-99

Fabric Permeability Testing Machine Main Feature

  1. Imported high precision pressure and differential pressure sensors, ensure the data accurate.
  2. Microcomputer processing, test results showed that directly without manual look-up table is calculated.
  3. Built-in 7 kinds of testing in mm/s, m3 / m2. Min, cm3 / cm2. S, m3 / m2. H, CFM L/dm2. Min, L/m2. S, test unit can switch freely according to the requirements
  4. Touch screen control, double choose menu operation, in both English and Chinese can be on-line operation.

Fabric Permeability Testing Machine Applicable Industry
Used for working closely fabrics, such as canvas, tarps, tent cloth, sheet, non-woven fabric and waterproof clothing fabrics, coated fabrics and other performance testing of water permeability.

Fabric Permeability Testing Machine Technical Parameters
Model HZ-8032-A HZ-8032-B
Mode of operation LED display LED display + print output
Pressure range 14000Pa (50Pa, 100Pa, 200Pa, 500Pa, four levels of constant pressure; self-set pressure drop)
Volume of the measurable air permeability 29999L/m2.S
Fabric thickness can be measured ≤8mm
Standard configuration Sample size constant circle: 5cm², 20cm², 50cm², 100cm²
Sample diameter constant circle: 70mm ≈ (38.5cm2) per one;
50mm≈(19.6cm2) per one
Standard Orifice: 7.8, 21.6 per one
Nozzle configuration: 8 and 20mm total 11
Sample collapse pressure ring: one
With printer data communication port and a printer
Dimensions 820mm×600mm×1300mmL×W×H
Power Ac220V±10%, 50Hz
Power 1000W
Weight 85Kg
The nozzle parameters:
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
0.8 1.2 2 3 4 6 8 10 12 16 20

Fabric Permeability Testing Machine Detail picture

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