Digital type ECT strength testing machine HZ-6003A

Digital type ECT strength testing machine HZ-6003A is used to test the compression resistance degree of corrugated paper and kraft paper in upright direction at certain condition. This machine can also do flat crush strength test, compression resistance test,Sticky degrees test as well as other compression tests.This machine also equipped with advanced high precision load device and load displayer, thus the test load value can display and read directly.
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Main functions:
Digital type ECT strength testing machine HZ-6003A in order to test the quality of paper for a variety of paper can be Ring Crush Test (RCT), level pressure (FCT), while pressure (ECT), bonding (PAT) and the general compression (CMT) and many other tests the most direct equipment
Main features:
Digital type ECT strength testing machine HZ-6003A uses microcomputer to control, double-column frame, sensor measuring system, stepless speed regulation.Its novel structure, digital processing and accurate, easy to use and easy to maintenance, Its the most economical ring compressive strength testing machine in the market at present.
Corresponding standard:
Digital type ECT strength testing machine HZ-6003A in accordance with the national standard CNS production, paper and paperboard test in accordance with requirements of the equipment design. Folloing standard is all meet.
GB/T 2679-1995
GB/T 6548-1998
GB/T 6546-1998
GB/T 2679.6-1996

Technical parameters:
Model HZ-6003A
Max capacity 200KG, import load cell
Sensor American Brand load cell
Unit kgf、Lbf、N , can be changed
Compression Speed 12.7±3.0mm/min(Or by the customer separate and non-section speed)
Constant Speed 12.7,25.4, 38.1, 50.8, 60mm/min
Compression plate size Φ130mm.
Determination of the maximum pressure 200kg(can make it according to the requirement)
Ring Compression Testing Machine is equipped with an optional fixture into the test under the following ①Ring Crush Test Center is equipped with disc and ring voltage dedicated sampler to carry out cardboard ring compression strength test (RCT)
②Equipped with side pressure (adhesive) and the secondary sample for lead blocks for compressive strength of corrugated board edge test (ECT)
③Peel strength test frame is equipped to carry out corrugated board adhesion (peel) strength test (PAT)
④Is equipped with platen specimen sampler to carry out compressive strength of corrugated board level test (FCT)
Standard fixture ECT Test Fixture for a group.
Motor Taiwan “Delta” servo motor
Power 220V 50Hz
Weight 75kg
Dimensions 480×480×600mm
HS code 9024800000


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