DIN Abrasion Tester HZ-3007

The main function of DIN abrasive tester is to test the friction of surface by a particular piece of sandpaper, after friction for a certain time, and then assess the condition of material surface, weight, volume and thickness, from this standard to assess the abrasive nature of materials.
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Main functions:
DIN Abrasion Tester HZ-3007 is a high efficiency, good reproducibility and easy to operate, applied to test the abrasive nature of material, as such elastic material, rubber, tires, convey belt, transmit belt, sole, synthetic leather, leather and others.
Corresponding standard:
DIN-53516; ISO-4649; GB/T9867-88

Applicable industry:
Applied to test leather performance in shoes, clothing, luggage handbag industry, research laboratories; commodity inspection, arbitration and technical supervision departments.

Technical parameters:
Specimen Size: dia 16mm, thickness at least 6mm.
Specimen Load: 10N± 0.2N.
Diameter of wear wheel: dia 150mm.
Speed of wear wheel: 40 ±1RPM.
Emery cloth Specification: 60 #, seam is less than 2mm.
Testing Length: 40M (about 84 rotate).
Horizontal displacement: 4.2mm / rotate.
Machine Specifications:
Test-arm weight: 250 ± 5 (g).
Testing Load: 2.5N, 7.5N.
Diameter abrasive wheel:  dia 150 ± 450L (mm).
emery cloth: 60 #, 425 ±473 ±1.5 (mm).
Wheel Speed: 40 ± 1RPM.
Shift screw: 6 teeth / inch.
Limit rotation : 85 rotate.
Set rotation: 84 rotate (about 40M).
Return form: Electric automatic reset.
Drive Power: 40W; 1 / 30.
Power: 220V 50HZ.
Machine Dimensions: 600 ±330 ±420 (mm).
Machine Weight: 75kg.


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