Four-stage Pressure Test Machine HZ-1003E
Four-stage Pressure Test Machine HZ-1003E
Four-stage Pressure Test Machine HZ-1003E

Four-stage Pressure Test Machine HZ-1003E

HZ-1003E four-stage pressure test machine is a multi-stage pressure test machine, and each station has the function of concentration value and time determination.Either single station test, or multiple station test at the same time.It has the characteristics of small size, clear structure, convenient operation and so on.It can be placed on the workbench and the production line for testing. The PLC touch control system is used to test the sample compression and holding test through the upper pressure plate, and finally see the change of the product under a certain force value and the pressure holding for a certain period of time.Test speed, test force value and test time can be displayed on the touch screen in real time.Mainly used for laboratory, production line sampling product quality test instruments.The equipment is mainly suitable for the compression test of packaging bags with a test load of less than 5000N.

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Main Feature Of four-stage pressure test machine HZ-1003E
A. Modular function of test standard: Provide the test setting of the required application, covering a variety of test standards and specifications.
B. The box adopts stainless steel and aluminum alloy frame, beautiful and generous, the whole machine design is reasonable structure tightening, stable operation, safe, accurate, durable;
C. According to the customer product test, manufacturing, adjustable schedule, widely used;
D. Four groups of stations work at the same time, and can also be controlled separately, greatly improving the test efficiency and use efficiency;
E. Test pressure retention time and position, pressure retention value, humanized design, convenient and quick operation;

Technical Parameter
1、Model: HZ-1003E (Touch-screen type);
2、Screen: 7-inch Kunlun Tongtai color touch screen, directly input test parameters, Chinese and English operation interface layers of prompts
3、Maximum load: 500KG American force transfer high-precision sensor, 4;
4、Capacity selection: 5KG, 10KG, 20KG, 50KG, 100kg, 200KG, 500KG can be selected from within;
5、Unit switch: Kg, N;
6、PLC measurement system: Delta;
7、Resolution: 1 / 50,000;
8、Test speed: 50-300mm / min (special test speed can also be customized to customer needs);
9、Display mode: Touch screen display, with the following functions:
1)Single group test, multiple group test,
2)Multi-unit automatic switching: kgf, N;
3)With the multi-function correction function;
4)24-bit AD was acquired with a resolution of 1 / 200000;
5)The decimal point digit is 0~2 bits of arbitrary choice;
6)Boot password protection function, can effectively prevent non-operators boot;
7)The breakpoint ratio ranges from 0 to 99%, and the user can set the appropriate break downtime according to different materials;
8)Safety device: overload, emergency stop device, up and down trip limit device; super force value protection,
10、Beautiful appearance, aluminum alloy + stainless steel;
11、Power system: servo motor + driver;
13、 volume:1500*600*1700(W*D*H);


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