HZ-4001 Leakage calibrator

Leakage current calibrator adopts digital oscillation technology, so the output current and voltage is more accurate and reliable; use overload protection measures, if the user operates wrong then this machine will automatically stop and output protected devices.

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Equipment summary:
Leakage calibrator is adopt panel and digital keyboard,can set value stepping output,users operate will more handy. so except it has features of high accuracy, stable and reliable, and convenient to use, this machine is safe to operate.

Application Industry:
Leakage current calibrator main uses to detect all kinds of the accuracy of the corresponding multimeter and ammeter head, Voltmeter head,can be used in measurement and detection, instrument produce and repair, quality inspection department.Buy clamp ampere meter standard coil can verify ac/dc clamp type table, buy the computer software can be achieved with computer online operations,The high pressure meter for high precision can measure high voltage of AC and DC which the biggest leakage current 2 kV ,high accuracy for measurement and high input resistance.

Technical Parameter:


HZ-4001 Leakage current calibrator

Input voltage

(AC/DC):2000 V Max

Current measuring range

0.001~100mA(divided into six files)

Measuring accuracy


Measuring resistance

2mA 5mA 10mA 20mA 50mA 100mA

1 MΩ 400KΩ 200KΩ 100KΩ 40KΩ 20KΩ

Sample rate

3 time/sec LED display

7 section power

220 V ± 10 %, 50 / 60 Hz


about 10 VA


about 3 kg


41/2 LED display


High Voltage Test Line 1 PCS

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