HZ-4008 Plug wire bending testing machine

Plug wire bending testing machine 
Test the folding strength of the plug-chip and the wires.

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Equipment summary: Plug wire bending testing machine Testing method is the tested materials placed on the fixture, and add a certain load, the fixture swing from side to side in the test, after a certain number of times to see their break rates; or it can not power on, and then automatic counting the number of times,it will automatically stop operating when the material is going to break. so this machine can operate 24 hours without staff guard.

corresponding standard:GB2099、UL、VDE、IEC、JIS standard requirement

Applicable Industry:Used for wire and cable, don't need person to guard.

Technical parameter:

Swing angle


Swiing speed


Load weight

50/100g/200g/300g/500g each 5sets

machine weight

About 130 kg

Power supply


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