HZ-7039B Heat Storage Coefficient Thermal Conductivity Tester

The instrument features:Simpledevice, high accuracy, fast test speed (about ten minutes in a test). In a test, the thermal conductivity, temperature conductivity and specific thermal conductivity of the material can be measured at the same time, and the thermal physical properties can be measured under different wet states.
Reference standard: JGJT 12-2019 (instead of JGJ 51-2002) (technical specification for light aggregate concrete), JG158-2004 and JG / T283-2010 Appendix B of heat storage coefficient

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Main technical performance
1Applied range:
Heat Storage Coefficient Thermal Conductivity Tester is suitable for measuring the thermal conductivity, heat storage coefficient, temperature conductivity and specific heat of homogeneous plate, rubber, powdery, granular materials under dry or different wet conditions.The thermal conductivity of the measured material is from 0.035~1.7w/m.k, and the thermal storage coefficient is from 0.1-30W / M2K.
2Sample size: A thin piece of specimen 20×20×(1.53cm
Two thick specimens 20×20×(410cm
3Power supply  220V50HZ
4Overall dimension (length width height)   600×440×720mm
5Work condition:
Environment temperature   1035℃    ②Relative humidity    80%
The room temperature requirements are stable   ≤±1.5
6.Accuracy of the measurement results      ±5%
7Connect to the upper computer to realize automatic test and data print output.
Basic principle
Based on the principle of unstable thermal conductivity, the instrument is heated in a short time to change the temperature of the experimental material. According to its changing characteristics, the thermal storage coefficient, thermal conductivity, thermal conductivity and specific heat can be calculated through the solution of the thermal conductivity differential equation.
Instrument configuration: including one HZ-7039B host, one set of software, one heater, one set of thermocouples, one insulation bucket, one Lenovo desktop computer (according to the contract configuration).

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