HZ-7039C-Thermal Conductivity Tester Block Or Cylindrical Metal

The thermal conductivity of materials is an important parameter to study the physical properties of materials. Scientific research, teaching, production and other departments require predicting or measuring the thermal conductivity of materials.The instrument can measure the thermal conductivity of various metallic materials, non-metallic materials, with a wide range of tests.

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Main technical parameters: Thermal Conductivity Tester Block Or Cylindrical Metal
1. Power supply: AC 220V; 50HZ
2. Heat source: heat the copper block with 36V safety voltage.
3. Test materials: block or cylindrical metal and non-metallic materials, adding a frame can test powder, rubber, granular materials;
4. Measurement temperature range: room temperature ~250, up to 550, accuracy ± 1;
5. Timing part: range 0~999.9s; resolution 0.1s;
6. Thermal conductivity measurement precision: 10%
7. Sample size: 130 (1-100) mm
8. Test range of thermal conductivity: 0.1~300w / m k.
Configuration: including a HZ-7039C test host, two thermocouples, a thermalinsulation bucket, a gear plate, a thermal conductive silicone grease.

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