HZ-7039E Series Single Flat Plate Thermal Conductivity Tester Heat Protection Flat Plate Method

The thermal conductivity of a material is an important parameter to study the thermophysical properties of materials.The series of instruments adopts the principle of heat protection plate method, which meets the requirements of the thermal conductivity of the material detection research department.Instrument reference standards: GB / T3392 "Plastic Thermal conductivity test method, thermal protection plate method", GB / T3139 (fiber reinforced plastic thermal conductivity test method) (FRP thermal conductivity test method), GB / 10294 (steady state thermal resistance of thermal insulation materials and related properties of protective thermal plate method), etc.The main test is plastic, glass, fiber, foam, powder and other materials.Widely used in universities, scientific research units, quality inspection, production enterprises and other departments.

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Main technical performance
1. Range of thermal conductivity: HZ-7039EI (DRH-III): 0.015~2w / m k;  
 HZ-7039DDRH-300,HZ-7039EII(DRH-400)HZ-7039EIII(DRH-600): 0.00103w/m·k; 
2.Test accuracy:≤±3%;
3.Thermal surface temperature range: room temperature ~95, separation rate 0.01.
4.Cold surface temperature range: 0~60, separation rate 0.01, controlled by constant temperature tank.
5.Power supply: 220V / 50HZ; power: 2KW.
6.Calorometric power supply: voltage 0-30V, differentiation 0.0001V; current 0-3A, differentiation rate 0.0001A.
7.The computer automatically tests, and implements the data printout.
8.Test sample size requirements:
HZ-7039EIDRH-III)  200×200×(5-20)(mm) ;                 
HZ-7039D DRH-300)  300×300×(10-50)(mm) ;                 
HZ-7039EII(DRH-400) 400×400×(10-80)(mm) ;
HZ-7039EIII(DRH-600) 600×600×(10-100)(mm) ;
Introduction to instrument device

The Series Single Flat Plate Thermal Conductivity Tester is composed of high-precision voltage stabilizing power supply, temperature measuring instrument, central heat measuring plate heater, heat protection plate heater, constant temperature tank, and computer test system.

1.Test head part: heat measuring plate, heat protection plate and cold plate.

2.Heating system: heat protection plate temperature heater and metering power heater.

3.Temperature control of cold plate: constant temperature tank.

4.Temperature measurement system: digital display high-precision instrument is adopted to ensure its accuracy and stability, and realize zero internal compensation.

5.The metering power is heated by high-precision voltage stabilization power supply, and the accuracy is better than 0.1%.

6.Computer test components: computer, communication components and test software.

HZ-7039D series specifications with automatic pressurization, automatic thickness measurement function, to detect the thermal conductivity and thermal resistance under different pressure states, very suitable for compressive materials:

A.Adopt high-precision displacement sensor and connect the computer to automatic thickness measuring, measuring range 0- - -50mm, resolution 0.01mm;

B.Can be automatically pressurized to detect the thermal conductivity under different pressure states, with an adjustable pressure range of 0- - -1000N and a resolution of 0.1N.

Configuration: including one HZ-7039D test host, one set of software, one high-precision constant temperature tank, one brand desktop computer (configured according to the contract).

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