HZ-7039G Thermal Conductivity Tester Double Heat Protection Plate Method

The instrument is based on the principle of one-way stable thermal conductivity. When the upper and lower sides of the sample are at different stable temperatures, the heat flow of the effective heat transfer area of the sample and the temperature difference and thickness between the two surfaces are measured to calculate the thermal conductivity.It meets the requirements of the high-precision test of the material thermal conductivity of the material detection and research department.Instrument reference standard: GB / T3399 "Plastic Thermal conductivity Test Method, thermal protection plate method", GB / T3139-2005 (thermal conductivity test method of fiber reinforced plastic) (FRP thermal conductivity test method), GB / 10294-2008 (thermal insulation material steady state thermal resistance and related properties of protective thermal plate method), etc.Main test plastic, glass, fiber, foam, insulation materials, etc.It is widely used in colleges and universities, scientific research units, quality inspection departments and manufacturers of material analysis and testing.

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Performance Features:
Automatic thickness measurement: adopt high-precision displacement sensor measurement, and connect the computer to automatic thickness measurement to reduce human error.
2. Automatic pressurization system: computer automatic compression, which can test the thermal conductivity under different pressures, which is more scientific, more data-based, and more repetitive than manual compression.
Main Technical  Indicators:
Thermal Conductivity Tester Double Heat Protection Plate Method

1. Range of thermal conductivity: 0.0010~3.000W/mk;

2. Test accuracy: ± 3%;

3. Sample size: 300300 (10-50) mm; plane degree: < 0.05 mm.

4. Temperature range of heat surface: room temperature of ~100, temperature separation rate of 0.01, measurement accuracy: 0.05;

5. Cold surface temperature range: 0~60, and the temperature separation rate is 0.01;

6. Computer control of automatic test, data processing, and generate detection report, printable output;

7. Adopt the high-precision displacement sensor and connect the computer to automatically measure the thickness, measuring range 0- - -50mm, resolution 0.01mm;

8. It can automatically pressure to detect the thermal conductivity in different pressure states. The pressure range is 0- - -1000N adjustable, and the resolution is 0.1N.

9. Temperature difference between cold and hot plate: the default value is 20, and users can also set the common standard temperature difference: 20common temperature difference range is 15-25.

Configuration: including one HZ-7039G test host, one set of software, one high-precision constant temperature tank, one brand desktop computer (configured according to the contract).

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