HZ-7039J Hotline Method Thermal Conductivity Tester

HZ-7039J thermal conductivity tester adopts the transient hotline method, including cross line method and parallel line method, mainly measuring the thermal conductivity, temperature conductivity (thermal diffusion coefficient) and specific heat capacity of solid state and powder materials at different temperatures.It is characterized by high precision, high resolution and high recovery.Automatic measurement is performed by the computer control.It is widely used in the thermal conductivity measurement of materials in research institutions, quality inspection, factories and mines and other departments.
The instrument is developed again on the basis of the original DRX-2, which improves the measurement accuracy and reproducibility, with more reasonable structure and more convenient to use.Model classification: DRX-3A mainly adopts cross-hotline method (parallel line method can also measure materials below 5w / mk); DRX-3B adopts parallel line method to measure materials less than 25w / mk.
Instrument reference standard: GB / 5990-86 Test method of thermal conductivity (hotline); GB / T17106-1997 Experimental method of thermal conductivity (parallel method); GB 11205-89 determination of rubber thermal conductivity (transient thermal wire); GB / T10297-1998 determination of thermal conductivity (hotline), etc.

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Main technical indicators
Hotline Method Thermal Conductivity Tester

1.Measurement range:
DRX-3A (cross-line method)   0.015~2.0 W/(m·K)
 DRX-3A (parallel line method)   0.015~5.0 W/(m·K)
 DRX-3A (parallel line method)   0.015~25.0 W/(m·K)
2.Temperature range:
-40~120(equipped with high and cryostat) with copper-Kang copper hotline
Room temperature ~1000(required distribution of resistance wire resistance furnace) with nickel-chromium-nickel-silicon or platinum-platinum-rhodium hotline
Room temperature ~1300(silicon carbon rod resistance furnace) with platinum-platinum rhodium hotline
Room temperature ~1600(with silicon molybdenum rod resistor furnace) with platinum-platinum rhodium hotline
3. Measuring accuracy: <±5.0 %
4. Sample size: two pieces of symmetrical cubes not less than 40mm 80mm 114mm or two pieces of cross section not less than 80mm, length not less than 114mm; (or ordered according to the user's requirements),
5. Temperature separation and debate: 0.001
6. Hotline power supply: DRX-3A current differentiation 0.01mA, voltage differentiation 0.1mV DRX-3B current differentiation  0.1mA, voltage  0.1mV
7. Equipment power supply: voltage 220V; frequency 50Hz; power 500W (See the specification of temperature controller for electric furnace temperature controller)
Standard configuration: including one HZ-7039J test host, one software, one set of communication interface and data line, one desktop computer, one set of room temperature test hotline.In addition, the constant temperature device and high temperature line heat is optional, according to the contract configuration.

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