HZ-7039K Thermal Conductivity Tester Flat Plate Heat Flowmeter Method

The instrument uses the international popular thermal flowmeter to detect thermal conductivity and thermal resistance method, with a computer to realize automatic detection, generate experimental report.The instrument uses a stable heat surface temperature to one side of the sample, and the heat is transferred to the cold surface (room temperature), measuring the transmitted heat flow to calculate the thermal conductivity and thermal resistance.

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This test method is simple, quick, and highly reproducible.It is very suitable for the research and development of heat transfer of metal materials such as profiles.Can also be used in plastic, rubber, graphite, thermal insulation materials and other tests, adding a frame can be tested in powder, rubber, granular materials, Thermal Conductivity Tester Flat Plate Heat Flowmeter Method widely used in colleges and universities, scientific research institutes, quality inspection, factories and mines.
Reference standard for this instrument: GB / T10295-2008 (thermal resistance and related characteristics of thermal meter) and ASTM C518-04 heat flux.
Main technical parameters
1. Thermal conductivity range: plate sample 0.015-5W / mk, accuracy is better than 5%, cylindrical sample 3-400W / mk, accuracy is better than 5%.(Contract as indicated as required for test)
2. Thermal surface temperature: room temperature-99.99, high temperature is used to measure, 0.2 accuracy, and defense rate of 0.01.
3. Cold surface temperature: room temperature, using a high degree of number display meter temperature measurement, 0.2 level accuracy, division and differentiation rate of 0.01.
4. Thermal surface temperature control: room temperature-99.99, using high number degree program control number meter temperature measurement, 0.2 level accuracy, differentiation rate 0.01, flat plate heater, two-way silicon control control.
5. Forced air cooling is used on the cold surface.
6. Use computer automatic test.
7. Use WPY heat flow meter, heat flow parameter 23.26w/m2 * mV.
8. Use Plexiglass wind protection cover to directly observe the experimental process.
9. Heat transfer area of hot and cold plate: 150150 (mm).
10. Adjutable spacing between cold and hot plates: 0-160 (mm).
Instrument configuration: including one HZ-7039J test host, one set of software, one perspex wind protection cover, One desktop computer ( provided by the required party).

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