HZ-7039N Thermal Conductivity Tester flat plate heat flowmeter method

The instrument uses the international popular thermal flowmeter to detect thermal conductivity and thermal resistance method, with computer to realize automatic detection, generate experimental report.It is suitable for thermal insulation materials, refractory materials and other low thermal conductivity material thermal conductivity test, plus the sample box can be done for powder material testing, widely used in colleges and universities, scientific research institutes, quality inspection, factories and mines.
Reference standards for this instrument: JIS-1412-2, GB / T10295-2008, ISO 8301:1991 (determination of steady state thermal resistance and related characteristics of thermal flow meter) and ASTM C518-04 for measuring steady state heat flux and heat transfer characteristics.

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system composition:
a)Heat surface heater, high precision program control meter temperature control, heat surface temperature separation rate of 0.1,
b)The cold surface adopts constant temperature tank, the fluctuation is less than 0.05 degrees, and the cold surface temperature measurement resolution is 0.01.
c)The additional protective measurement and control device can effectively eliminate the impact of the environment on the test, and ensure the test accuracy and repeatability.
d)DRPL-III type with belt automatic pressure, automatic thickness measurement function, can detect the thermal conductivity and thermal resistance under different pressure.
Main technical  parameters:
1. Display range of thermal conductivity measurement: 0.00103.000W/ (m k), showing four decimal places;
2. Measuring accuracy: ± 3%.
3. Protestable sample size:
4.Can test solid materials and powder materials.
5. Measurement time: about 2 hours.
6. Heat surface temperature and control: room temperature-100(standard configuration) or room temperature ~200.00, room temperature ~300.00(ordered) and other specifications.Flat plate heater, requiring a temperature control accuracy of ± 0.1.
7.Cold face temperature and control: 5-99.9(standard configuration, with 0- -99.99constant temperature tank), cold surface is controlled by constant temperature tank, temperature control accuracy of 0.1.
8.The heat flow meter is stable and reliable.
9. The whole process adopts automatic computer testing, data processing, and printing and storage of experimental data.
10. Voltage: 220V, 50HZ.
Thermal Conductivity Tester Flat Plate Heat Flowmeter Method

Note: Type HZ-7039N machine has automatic pressure and automatic thickness measurement function, which can be detected in different pressure states:

A.Adopt the high-precision displacement sensor and connect the computer to automatically measure the thickness, with a resolution of 0.01mm;

B.Can be automatically pressurized to detect the thermal conductivity under different pressure states, with an adjustable pressure range of 0- - -1000N and a resolution of 0.1N.

Complete set of instruments

1.One main machine of the thermal conductivity tester;

2.One set of test software (including communication interface);

3.One set of constant temperature sink and its controller;

4.One brand desktop computer (self-provided by the required party).

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