HZ-7039P Multi-functional Thermal Conductivity Tester Heat Flowmeter Method

This instrument mainly tests the thermal resistance of thin thermal conductor, thermal conductive silicon film, thermal conductive resin, beryllium oxide porcelain, alumina porcelain and other fine materials, and the contact thermal resistance at the solid interface and the thermal conductivity of materials.Testing material is generally solid sheet, such as adding a frame can also detect the powder state material and paste material.
Reference standard: MIL-I-49456A (insulating sheet, thermal conductive resin, thermal conductive glass fiber enhancement); GB 5598-85 (determination method of thermal conductivity of beryllium oxide porcelain); ASTM-D5470-12 (test standard for thin thermal conductive solid electric insulation materials), etc.
The instrument has automatic pressure pressure, automatic thickness measurement, the full computer automatic measurement and control function.

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HZ-7039P instrument is developed based on HZ-7039O instrument with the following characteristics:

1. A protective heat device is added around the test rod in the test head (this device can thermal protect the test sample), which expands the test temperature range of the instrument and reduces the impact of ambient temperature on the test.

2. The temperature difference thermocouple of heat flow test is added to the test rod in the test head to improve the resolution, accuracy and repeatability of heat flow test.

3. The compensation for the thermocouple cold end of the ice-water mixture is cancelled, which simplifies the operation and facilitates the use.

4. Experimental methods such as "aging reliability test", "high thermal conductivity material test" and "inter-sample contact thermal resistance test" were added. HZ-7039O and HZ-7039P Multi-functional Thermal Conductivity Tester can be widely used in material thermal analysis and testing in colleges and universities, scientific research units, quality inspection departments and production plants.

Main parameters
technical parameter Instrument modelHZ-7039P
1. Temperature range 120—80℃thermoaeroom temperature—100.00℃Cold pole0—80.00℃thermostatic bath))
220—140℃thermoaeroom temperature—200.00℃Cold pole0—80.00℃thermostatic bath))
320—190℃thermoaeroom temperature—300.00℃Cold pole0—80.00℃thermostatic bath))
4100—260℃thermoae120.00—300.00℃Cold pole80.00—240.00℃temperature control))
5-20—80℃thermoaeroom temperature—100.00℃Cold pole-40.00—60.00℃thermostatic bath))
640—260℃thermoaeroom temperature—500.0℃Cold pole0—80.00℃thermostatic bath))
Description: The temperature range refers to the range of the average temperature (hot surface and cold surface temperature) of the test sample, the hot surface temperature is slightly lower than the hot electrode temperature, the cold surface temperature is slightly higher than the cold electrode temperature.Selection takes one of the parameters.
2.Thermal conductivity 1Ordinary mode0.145 W/m*k
2High guide mode5500 W/m*k (High guide test module is required)
3. Range of heat resistance 0.05500 cm2*k/w

4.Test accuracy
1. Thermal resistance test10500cm2*k/werror≤3%;0.0510cm2*k/werror≤5
2. Thermal conductivity test0.15 W/m*kerror≤3%;5500 W/m*kerror≤5
3. Contact heat resistance testerror≤5
4. Thermal resistance test of aluminum base plate (composite plate)error≤5±0.1
5.Test header size 1Φ30mmTest sample size Take this test head as an example)2Φ50mmoptional

6.Sample size
1.0.15 W/m*k or 10500cm2*k/wΦ30×0.25mmThe thickness can be stacked.
2.545 W/m*k or 210cm2*k/w,(Φ20Φ30×0.215mm
3.5500 W/m*k,(Φ10Φ30×1530mmHigh guide mode
4.Aluminum substrate15×15mm
Description: This sample size is basic, see below for details.
7.Pressure measurement 01000.0N
8.Displacement measurement 040.00mm
9.pressure control electromotion
10.Experimental way 1. Heat resistance test under different pressure, 
2. Material thermal conductivity test,
3. Contact heat resistance test under different pressures of the medium,
4. Thermal resistance test of aluminum substrate (composite plate)
5. Aging reliability test,
6.Thermal conductivity test of high thermal conductivity material (optional high conductivity test module is required)
7.Contact resistance test between sample under different pressure (contact resistance test module is required)
8. Material compression performance test (new function).
11.Host power supply Voltage: 220V, the power is less than 1KW

Instrument configuration:

1. A host of HZ-7039P thermal conductivity tester;

2.One set of test software (including communication interface);

3.Constant temperature tank (constant temperature tank or constant temperature oil tank is configured according to the selected temperature specifications) and 1 set of controllers

 4.One desktop computer (self-provided by the buyer)

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