HZ-7039R Thermal Conductivity Tester Heat Flowmeter Method

This instrument mainly tests the thermal resistance of thin thermal conductor, solid electric insulation material, thermal conductive resin, beryllium oxide porcelain, alumina porcelain and other fine materials, and the contact thermal resistance at the solid interface and the thermal conductivity of materials.The detection material is solid sheet, and the added frame can detect the powder state material and paste material.
Reference standard: MIL-I-49456A (insulating sheet, thermal conductive resin, thermal conductive glass fiber enhancement); GB 5598-85 (determination method of thermal conductivity of beryllium oxide porcelain); ASTM-D5470-12 (test standard for thin thermal conductive solid electric insulation materials), etc.
It is widely used in colleges and universities, scientific research units, quality inspection departments and manufacturers of material analysis and testing.

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Main Parameter

Thermal Conductivity Tester Heat Flowmeter Method

1. Sample size: ≤Φ30mm

2.Sample thickness: 0.02-20mm

3.Thermal pole temperature range: 100-500;

4.Thermal conductivity test range: 0.05~20 W / m * k

5.Thermal resistance test range: 0.05~0.00001m2 * K / W

6.Pressure range: 0~1000N

7.Displacement range: 0~30.00mm

8.Test accuracy:

             better than 5%

9.Experimental way

A.Detection of homogeneous materials.

B.Detection of composite material.

10. Computer (Windows XP, Win7 system) fully automatic test.

Instrument Configuration

A host of HZ-7039R thermal conductivity tester ;
One set of test software (including communication interface);
One set of computer printers (configured by contract).

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