HZ-7039S Metal High Temperature Thermal Conductivity Tester

The instrument uses the sample direct energized longitudinal heat flow method, which is suitable to measure the thermal conductivity in the temperature range of 80 ~900, and is automatically completed by the computer.It meets the test requirements of the thermal conductivity of metal materials.Instrument reference standard: GB / T3651-2008 Measurement Method of High Thermal conductivity of Metal.

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Main technical indicators

 Metal High Temperature Thermal Conductivity Tester

1Test range of thermal conductivity: 1~500W /m·K2Accuracy: better than 5%;

3For the controllable experimental temperature, the maximum temperature of the electric furnace of 1000or 1300is optional;

4Power supply: 220V, 50HZ;

5Connect the upper bit computer to realize automatic computer test and realize data print output;

  6Sample size requirements: when the tested sample is rod, the diameter is (3~5) mm, 220mm, the extension rod to a total length of 400mm, or the sample length is 400mm.When the tested sample is filamentary, the diameter is (1~3) mm, the length is 80~120mm, with an extension rod to 400mm, or the sample length is 400mm.
Configuration: including 1 HZ-7039S test host, 1 set of software, 1 set of test thermocouple, 1 set of computer printer (configured according to the contract).


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